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The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

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What Should I Look for When Buying a Yoga Mat?

What Should I Look for When Buying a Yoga Mat?

Yoga has many advantages for physical, mental, and overall well-being compared to other types of exercise. In addition, it takes very little in the way of equipment.

A yoga mat is one of the most valuable equipments for your home gym. Practising on a yoga mat, you may execute various asanas safely and without worrying about slipping or getting hurt. As a result, you can focus on maintaining the correct posture and avoid getting side-tracked by pain or discomfort.

Moreover, the exercise mat assists in maintaining body temperature and provides the benefit of keeping your body warm throughout workouts. Therefore, it is a crucial component of every training. It can be used for yoga as well as other exercises like pilates.

Yoga mats are readily portable and come in various styles and price ranges. So, we are here to help you choose the right yoga mat, one of the most essential and versatile home gym requirements.


There are several exercise mats in a variety of styles and thicknesses. Choose mats with a 10–12 mm thickness if you prefer the extra padding or are shopping for seniors.

A mat with a thickness of 6mm is the perfect match for someone who enjoys feeling their feet on the ground. But, 8mm thickness is most suitable for most workouts. If you choose anything less, you won't get the stability, comfort, and cushioning advantages.


Those who frequently practise yoga know the value of a mat's stickiness. Your alignment will be easier to maintain as you transition from one pose to the next and while holding asanas if you use a sticky yoga mat. So make sure the mat you choose offers you the ideal level of stickiness.


Consider the material before purchasing if you want to use a yoga mat at home. Most inexpensive yoga mats are recycled plastic, like EVA or PVC, which has an unpleasant smell and can cause skin sensitivities. Although yoga mats are not designed to be used in asanas, your mat may be required to support your grip as you move.

Yoga mats made of TPE give you the assurance and quality needed to carry out your workout while enduring for years without breaking down naturally. The best investment you can make in your fitness is this one.


For proper motions, the yoga mat is quite essential. When it comes to yoga, the grasp is crucial; you want to feel solid when performing postures, especially ones that require a lot of stability. You'll sweat, of course, and since yoga mats are often smooth, this can lead to slipping and falling.

The surface of the yoga mat offers grip and discourages slippage. Find the right mat with an embossed pattern for better traction.

Play it up!

Although yoga is usually fun, you may enhance the fun by adding colour. Purchase a lovely, colourful mat or one with a pattern so you may appreciate it throughout your lengthy sessions and enjoy how it appears in the centre of your room.

Unfortunately, you can completely disregard the unattractive hues because, fortunately, now you have a wide range of colours to choose from.


One of the most crucial considerations when choosing a yoga mat is size. The typical size available on the market is 6 feet by 2 feet, which is more than adequate to execute all the asanas and exercises. However, before deciding on the yoga mat size, consider how much space and portability are also needed.

Think about your budget

Any mat purchase entails several difficult choices, including a budget! So set your spending limit before searching for the best yoga mat to get the best deal in your budget. 

Ease of transport

The most incredible thing about yoga mats is that people who enjoy going outside can bring their exercise mat without leaving their workout regimen. Of course, you must roll up your mat and store it safely, away from moisture and debris.

A yoga mat's portability is essential; buying a large yoga mat that you can't simply carry about defeats the purpose. On the other hand, if you buy a small one, your limbs will be in contact with the ground.

Flexnest Yoga Mat: The only yoga mat you will ever use

Your search for the best yoga mat ends at Flexnest. Our TPE mats offer the ideal amount of cushioning for your body—not too hard nor too soft—thanks to a 30% increase in density.

Flexnest yoga mats are also far more durable than NBR and PVC mats. In addition, they include a particular tear-resistant lining that has been specially designed to guard you against harm while you crush those exercises.

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To give the best cushioning for all types of workouts, we offer you an 8mm thickness as opposed to the standard 4 or 6mm provided by other brands. In addition, a multicoloured embossed pattern makes our 2-Tone mat a visual delight with loads of comfort. It is the ideal mat for you due to its elasticity, toughness, low weight, and anti-microbial qualities.

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