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Light Dumbbells

Rs. 1,100

Sold as a Pair - The Flexnest light dumbbells feature an easy-grip neoprene coating, which helps ensure a secure hold during use. The rubber-like coating also helps protect floors and allows the weights to be used both indoors and out. The dumbbells provide a clearly printed number on the end cap, referencing their weight. The dumbbells feature unique hexagonal heads, which help keep them in place on the floor. When set to the side during a workout, they won’t roll away or get under foot. They safely remain right where you left them for a safe workout environment and easy grabbing during your routine. They also stay in place and out of the way when stored.



Light Dumbbells for High Power

Perfect for aerobic classes, strength training, HIIT workouts as well as holding whilst out on a run or walk for adding an extra level of calorie-burning intensity.

No substitute for quality

Made with a well-balanced cast iron core to help build and tone muscles. These dumbbells offer excellent grip due to the neoprene coating with the added bonus of being soft to touch as well - helping to avoid developing rough callouses on your hands!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Revika A.

Very good for beginners, like me

Prabhakaran A.

very low quality

Colin Y.


Gopal D.

Good product.

Sunaina Y.

Good quality weights. Small in size and easy to hold during extended workouts. The texture is nonslippery and doesn't cause a loss of grip.

Shrestha Kapoor

Amazing quality!
Loved how the grip is so soft. Perfect material for someone like me who doesn’t like rough dumbbells!

Even the size is very compact and they manage to fit in a lot of weight so very compact.