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The Flexscale

Think you know your body?
Think again.

Bluetooth Enabled
Tracks up to 8 users
Visualize with graphs
Baby weighing mode
Auto detect users

13 Essential Body Insights

Get a complete picture of your health with The Flexscale, an easy-to-use smart
weighing scale that helps you measure and track over 13 essential body metrics.



Standard measurement

Body Fat Rate


Standard measurement



1.70% more than the standard

Bone Mass


0.11kg more than the standard

Skeletal Muscle


Standard measurement

Body Water Rate


Standard measurement

& much more...

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  • All your health in one place

    The Flexnest app allows you to track 13 key body metrics from weight to fat to protein, all in one easy-to-use app. The Flexnest app goes much beyond simply measuring your weight. It also shows you key insights and graphs to help you understand what works better for your body in order to set goals

    Designed in Germany, The Flexscale uses the highest quality materials and BIA technology with stainless steel electrodes to measure your body.

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    The Flexscale

    Rs. 2,999

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    India's 1st andĀ Smartest Weighing scale that syncs with the Flexnest app to measure 13 body parameters like Body Fat, BMI, Protein, Body water, Visceral Fat, Metabolic Age etc. and more - all with the Flexnest app and Bioimpedance Bluetooth technology.