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Free shipping in India

The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

Trusted by 1,00,000+ customers



While exploring the fitness equipment for your home gym, you must have come across the rowing machine. Intimidating as it may look, it is one of the easiest machines and beginner-friendly that can assist you in getting full-body stamina and toned muscles while staying easy on your joints. Now you do not have to be a professional rowing athlete or a person to have rowed an actual boat to perform a rowing exercise; following the movement is pretty much simple.


ROWERS Machine is also known as ergometers or ergo or ergs because they measure work performed by the rower in ergs. As the name suggests, this machine mimics the movement of rowing a boat, like the ones you see in competitive boat rowing competitions or watercraft rowing. Although the act of rowing is simple, just like actual boating, this exercise is a lot more intense. The structure of the machine is made like a boat on which you can sit with your legs stretched out and pull string handles towards your chest and perform in variations. 

Like other exercise machines, the rowing machine also comes with different resistance levels to give multiple workouts. The efficiency of rowing exercises is such that they can target 85% of the muscles in the body. It focuses on the upper and lower body parts and helps strengthen major muscles in the arms, legs, back, and core. The rowing exercises have also proven beneficial in increasing cardiovascular endurance. 

There are four types of rowing machines available in the market: water rowers, air rowers, magnetic rowers, and hydraulic rowers. These can be differentiated based on different means of resistance. Each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 


The rowing exercise is simple to perform, but it is crucial to keep the movement sequence in mind to get the best results out of the rowing regime. You need to simply remember the sequence: arms-core-legs when you go in and legs-core-arms when you end. Once you settle into the rhythm of this movement workout will become smooth and uncomplicated. 

Follow these steps to start rowing:

  1. Sit on the rower machine. Fasten your foot on the foot paddle and hold the handle.
  2. To start, put your foot on the paddle, and stretch out your legs. Keep your hands and handle close to the chest and elbows going back. Lean slightly towards the back. 
  3. Now, remember the sequence. Straighten your arms, then slowly bring your torso to the front and a little bent in front, and flex your knee by bringing yourself forward. 
  4. To go back, straighten your legs, take your core back and pull your arms back to your chest, like going back to the start position. 
  5. This is one cycle. Do a set of eight to ten cycles at a beginner's level. You can repeat sets as per your stamina. 

Looking at the sequence of movement, you will realize that rowing exercise is a full-body workout that engages arms, core and legs along with the back; to be precise, it is about 10% arms, 30% core and 60% legs. But to get the 100 %, you must engage each body part entirely. This versatility makes the home rowing machine perfect for people who have no time to visit gyms and love to exercise in the privacy of their homes. 

We suggest you start doing the rowing exercise slowly and in rhythm. This way, you can introduce the movement to the body and accustom it. Once you get used to it, you can increase the speed. To level up, you can increase the resistance. 

Benefits of Rowing Machine

Every kind of workout comes with its benefits. But when equipment engages almost all body parts and major muscles, just like a rowing machine, it benefits in more than one way. It's not about just getting all sweaty and strong; there are other hidden benefits which you should know about the rowing machine workout. 

1. Full Body Workout

Of course, when it involves four significant parts, arms, core, legs, and back, of the body, it gives a full body workout in a single time. People who run short on time and miss out on going to the gym most of the time., bringing a home rowing machine can be an excellent decision for their fitness and health. Instead of working out individually for each body part, you can opt for rowing exercises to save time. 

2. Good for Everyone

The rowing machine is the perfect machine for all. It can be deemed safe for all ages and fitness levels, even if you do high-intensity workouts. The best part is that one has to sit low to exercise on it, making it safe from falling accidents. The choice of speed and resistance level makes it suitable for beginners as well as experts. 

3. Low Injury Risk

In order to gain cardio fitness, we all aim to do high-intensive workouts and, in the process, hurt our joints due to adverse impacts. Whereas the rowing machine is a low-impact exercise machine, which means it has no harmful repercussions on your joints. 

4. Improves Posture

With long working hours and slouching over laptops to work, most people suffer from bad posture and back pain. Since exercising on a rowing machine engages arms, core and legs, it works effectively on the back muscles. It benefits by improving back muscle strength, reducing injury risk, and eventually correcting lousy posture. 

5. Saves Time

Running short on time is an issue with all the working people. One of the reasons for making a home gym is to work out as and when you please. So when you bring home a rowing machine, you give yourself the added advantage of saving more time because rowing machine workouts don't need to be extended. Even exercising daily for fifteen to twenty minutes is enough to increase your fitness level. Also, it involves multiple body parts in one go; you do not have to dedicate more time to work out individually on each. 

With machines like Flexrower from Flexnest, you can make your workout even more exciting and compelling. Flexnest offers trainer-led workout videos, which you can access at any given time on your smart device via its app. You can also access 30+ virtual rows in lakes from Italy to Thailand while you set yourself in motion. Isn't that a wonderful way to exercise?!

A home rowing machine is not just good for your physical health but also for your mental health. The rhythmic motion of working on a rowing machine can be soothing and relaxing. Also, imagine not having the tension of running to the gym after a hectic day in the office. With a rowing machine at home, all you have to do is hop on and row your way to fitness!

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