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Interlockable Gym Flooring

Rs. 1,499

Our CushionPro Interlockable Gym Flooring is tailor made to give you extra comfort and convenience while working out at home. These are manufactured with heavy duty and superior quality EVA foam, which makes it durable and provides good cushioning.

Available as a set of 4 pieces (each piece measures 2ft x 2ft) - Giving you 16 Square Feet out of 1 Set.

Unmatched thickness of 1.2cm for ideal comfort while working out.


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Soft but dense, these mats can absorb shock and noise, making  them perfect for all type of exercising from pilates to push-ups.

Interlocking Design

With high quality material and precise cut, the puzzle locking system locks mats together tightly so they
won't come apart easily 

Push down with weights

The Interlockable tiles are lightweight & provide good cushioning. In order to avoid slipping, buy enough so you can place equipment or weights on the corners of the tiles to prevent them from moving around.