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Free shipping in India

The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

Trusted by 1,00,000+ customers

Why a Rowing Machine Is the Best Fitness Equipment

Why a Rowing Machine Is the Best Fitness Equipment

Consider using a rowing machine to get fantastic exercise while relieving pressure on your knees if you need to be gentle on your joints.

Rowing machine requires a specific action that can be challenging to understand. Still, it's pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it.

The advantages of having the best rowing machine

A powerful calorie burner

Exercises on a rowing machine are like putting fuel on your fat reserves. Depending on your body weight, the intensity of your workout, and the resistance you utilize on the rowing machine, you can burn anywhere from 150 to 300calories in ten minutes of rowing.

Helps in toning up your whole body

Rowing machine exercises target not only the muscles in your upper back but also those in your chest, biceps, forearms, hamstrings, and quads. Because of this, you can exercise your entire body without going from one machine to another.

Strengthens muscles

Rowing machine workouts can enhance upper-body strength and endurance, leading to overall fitness gains (or stamina). In addition, according to researchers' findings, rowing machine exercise assists patients with spinal cord injuries in regaining their muscle strength.

Boosts heart and lung health

Rowing machines are beneficial for improving both the heart and the lungs. You may sweat and take in more oxygen depending on the repetitions, sets, and resistance you use for the workouts. It causes your heart to work harder to meet the increased oxygen demands.

Strengthens the upper body

Exercises on a rowing machine focus on strengthening the arms, particularly the triceps and wrists. A triceps are a group of muscles that can be found near the back of the upper arm. Triceps and forearms can be toned by extending the handle of the rowing machine and pushing on it. 

Rowing machine helps you get stronger

Different muscles are used for each part of the rowing stroke, which can help build strength and endurance. 

The Catch: This is the beginning of the rowing motion, where the seat is moved all the way forward, and your knees are bent close to your chest, so you are close to the front of the machine. During the catch, your triceps will strengthen because you'll use them to move your arms forward. You'll also use your hamstrings, glutes, and calf muscles, which will be tightened as your shins are held up. In addition, during the catch, your back muscles work, especially the latissimus dorsi.

The Drive: To start the next part of the stroke, you push your feet off the foot stretchers until your legs are fully extended. You then engage your core and use your hip hinge to swing your body upright. Then, pull the handlebar back with your shoulders, arms, and back. The drive is one smooth, quick motion that strengthens your legs, shoulders, biceps, abs, and back.


The Finish: In this third phase, you must use your core to stabilise your body while slightly bending backwards. Then, use that momentum to extend your legs and bring the handle into your chest. To keep your body stable, you use all of the muscles in your torso and your biceps.

The Recovery: the recovery is the last part of the rowing stroke. It is the first three steps backwards. Your triceps will get stronger as you move your arms forward, and your upper legs and calves will get stronger as they contract during the return motion. The neck, hands, and chest muscles are also used in the four stages.

Rowing machine is a gentle workout

Even the most challenging rowing workouts have almost no impact on the joints. As a result, rowing is a good choice for people with long-term injuries or recovering from a recent injury.

Rowing is often recommended to people who are recovering from an injury or worried about falling and need activities that will keep them moving for a long time. Rowing also helps build bone density, which is good for you regardless of age.

How to choose the best rowing machine in India

Finding the best rowing machine for you depends on several things, one of which is your unique requirements and objectives. Therefore, when looking for a new rowing machine, consider the following. 

The nature of the resistance

Rowing machines allow users to select from among four different kinds of resistance. The sort of resistance plays a significant part in your experience and how the devices are distinct. There are various rowing machines, including magnetic, hydraulic, and air rowers.

Potential load bearing

To understand its stability, you need to look at the rowing machine's maximum load capacity. On specific rowing machines, the weight capacity can go up to 500 pounds, with others having capacities of around 250 pounds. 

Purchasing the best rowing machine is an investment that you will want to last through years of exercise. Ensuring that the rower's specifications are within your demands is a wonderful way to ensure that it functions well for you.

Other factors

If you are starting and looking for a little more structure, trainer-led programs can be helpful. They provide the same benefits as having a personal trainer come to your house. Taking a class taught by an instructor is one way to be motivated and inspired. Still, some rowing machines feature gamified material that does the same thing differently. 


Before you go out and get a rowing machine, you should ask yourself what content you enjoy the most. It will motivate you to utilise the device regularly, which is the ultimate goal.

The Flexrower, the best rowing machine in India, gives you a rowing experience that is both pleasant and smooth. It has a magnetic resistance system designed to deliver a workout comparable to that of an actual outside row. In addition, the Flexrower provides access to breathtaking scenery in more than thirty diverse destinations, ranging from Italy to Thailand.

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