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Free shipping in India

The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

Trusted by 1,00,000+ customers


best exercise mat

Yoga mats are among the most important accessories used for performing  different exercises that are a part of this ancient workout regime. A good mat plays an important role in maximizing the output of the individuals during their yoga journey. Even though many gyms offer yoga mats to their members, they might not be exactly clean and hygienic. That is why most people prefer to get their own mats and avoid getting contaminated by the accumulated sweat and dirt of other users of gym mats.  Moreover, with the increase in the popularity of home-based gyms, the demand for personal yoga mats has also increased. With the wide variety of options available in the market today, choosing the best exercise mat can become quite confusing. The best way to overcome this problem is for the buyers to consider these factors below:

Pay Attention To Mat Thickness

The thickness of the yoga mats is an extremely important factor as it impacts the comfort and safety of the individual. The mat should neither be too thick nor too thin as it can prove disadvantageous in both ways. A mat that is too thin might hurt your body. Similarly, if the mat is too thick, people might face difficulties while trying to balance themselves during the performance of specific exercises. The thickness of a standard yoga mat is 1/8th of an inch while a ¼ inch is considered thicker. These measures can help buyers choose the yoga mats with the right thickness through comparison.

Consider The Size Of The Mat

The mat should be long & wide enough to ensure that the entire body of the individual performing the exercise fits comfortably on it. This is especially true in the case of individuals who are relatively taller or have a larger body size or both. While most companies offer the mats in a standard size, some companies cater to the needs of individuals with unique size requirements. Buyers might have to do some research to find such companies and get the perfect sized mat. But it is essential to maximize their efficiency and concentration during the workouts.

3M - Mat Material Matters!

The material of the mat plays a critical role in determining its texture stickiness, sponginess, and eco-friendliness. It is important to note that most yoga mats are made of vinyl or rubber. However, buyers can also find eco-friendly mats made from a blend of jute and cotton. The choice of the material generally depends on the level of training that the buyers intend to perform, their preference for a specific material, and the durability and sustainability of the mat. Therefore buyers should carefully consider all these aspects to ensure that they choose the right material before ordering any critical fitness equipment at home.

Check The Texture Of The Mat

Checking the texture of the mat is essential to ensure that it has the right traction and is not too slippery that can increase the risk of injury. Even though most buyers prefer smooth mats, they should make sure that they maintain a strong grip on the floor and do not keep sliding around. Avoiding completely smooth PVC mats is highly advisable as they tend to be extremely slippery. A better option would be a mat made from jute, cotton or rubber. These mats are especially beneficial for people, who tend to sweat a lot and hence can cause the PVC mats to become even more slippery. The good thing is that many companies offer rubber mats with textured patterns.

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Ease Of Maintaining The Mats

It is advisable to choose a mat that can be easily cleaned and cared for without impacting its quality or durability. Contrary to the popular belief, both PVC and rubber mats can be cleaned and kept in a well-maintained state. However, the caring and maintenance practices for both these types of mats are different and it is important to follow them properly to get the best value for money. When it comes to jute and cotton mats, they prove to be the easiest to clean and maintain. Ease of cleanliness is also essential to keep the mat healthy and hygienic for a long time and prevent them from becoming the breeding ground of germs.

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