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The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

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Should I Go to a Gym or Exercise at Home?

Should I Go to a Gym or Exercise at Home?

Many of us have tried to keep our New Year's resolution to work out regularly at the gym every year. But, unfortunately, many of us have failed to fulfil it as we left after a few days, weeks, or months. We all struggle with busy schedules, unpredictable work schedules, and lengthy commutes. It's practically hard to go to the gym because of all this.

Maintaining consistency is one of the most complex challenges most people have while beginning their fitness journey. However, you can set up a gym at your home if you want to save time and money while enjoying your fitness routine. Today, setting up a cost-effective gym in your home is easy.

Advantages of home-gym

  • Easy access

Working out at home allows even the busiest people to maintain a healthy lifestyle, whether a short HIIT session during your break or an evening pilates class with your favourite TV show.

In this respect, a home gym is more advantageous because you can always find something to do at home that will provide you with free time for training. Moreover, you may work out in your pyjamas and immediately access machines and equipment.

  • Reduces costs

Everyone is aware of how expensive fitness centre subscriptions are. As a result, they are occasionally seen as a luxury rather than a need.

However, if you opt to invest in a few essential home-gym exercise equipment such as a treadmill, jumping rope, and a few weights, in that case, you will enjoy an uninterrupted and highly effective training regimen at home.

Do you know that setting up a home gym will cost you as much as a year's worth of gym membership? However, the equipment purchase is a one-time, substantial price; thus, the costs even out. Over time, the equipment and other workout accessories pay for themselves.

  • Effectiveness

The home gyms are made to use less room and provide maximum results at a reasonable price. Additionally, the family benefit from the home gym's presence due to the machine's proximity to each member. Finally, you can use exercise as a time for play and bonding.

Family members are, after all, the best motivators one could ever have to stick to a fitness regimen. So create a welcoming exercise environment in your house and keep your equipment close at hand.

  • Smart workout at home

Some people prefer the gym as it provides company and an opportunity to learn the appropriate technique. Personal trainers are available for a quick routine. Additionally, being around people who put effort and time into maintaining their physical health can be inspiring.

But now, thanks to tech-savvy smart exercise equipment, you can get all this from the comfort of your home. You get access to on-demand training by expert fitness trainers to guide and motivate you. Moreover, you can now compete with other community members with the help of these smart devices.

Essential home-gym equipment

Choosing the best home gym equipment that meets the user's requirements can be tricky. Many different types of gym equipment are available online. The list of some home gym essentials is provided below.

  • Dumbbells

Dumbbells are the essential home fitness equipment for enhancing muscle strength and endurance. It comes in various weight scales. As a result, both muscle mass and endurance are improved.

  • Jumping rope

Inexpensive and simple exercise equipment that enables you to perform cardiovascular exercises at home is a jumping rope. It aids in calorie burning and increases muscle flexibility and core strength.

  • Treadmills

These are designed to burn calories more quickly and help you lose weight. The treadmill with the best running surface, speed, stability, and weight capacity is the one you should use in your home gym.

  • Foam Roller

People of all ages may use a foam roller because it is a simple piece of equipment. It aids in alleviating muscular stiffness and enhancing joint and muscle flexibility. In addition, it is lightweight, portable, and reasonably priced.

  • Ankle Weights

People frequently utilise this equipment, which was created for specific exercises that focus on the lower body muscles in the legs, calves, and ankles. Ankle weights facilitate strengthening.

  • Exercise mat

A good exercise mat is crucial if you want to keep your balance and posture while doing pilates, yoga or other exercises. It would help if you had something sticky enough to keep you from slipping on the mat with ample padding to safeguard your body and joints.

  • Resistance bands

Resistance bands are for stretching before or after a workout to increase flexibility in the muscles and joints. They come in various resistance levels. However, one of the most vital advantages of resistance bands is the opportunity to get a full-body workout.

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Choosing the most reliable fitness expert for your home-gym

Flexnest, one of the most trusted names in fitness, is a company that gives you the freedom to exercise in the comfort of your own home. Our offerings include everything from adjustable strength equipment to smart indoor bikes. In addition, through the Flexnest App, we can broadcast classes with our top-notch trainers from our studios in Delhi and Dubai directly to your house. So please don't wait any further and visit us online to learn more about our fitness offers.

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