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India’s first personal fitness brand selling 12 essentials solely for home use

The essential equipment you need to help achieve your fitness goals in style

Build the Ultimate Smart Home Gym

Flexnest as the name suggests is a brand that enables you to get fit in the comfort your home - your nest. Our products range from Smart Indoor bikes to Adjustable Strength Equipment and more. We also stream classes direct to your home from our studios in Delhi & Dubai with our world-class trainers via the Flexnest App.

Designed in Germany

Designed in Germany

Designed by some of the best product designers in Berlin, Germany, who have reimagined at-home workouts

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

We offer complimentary shipping Pan India on all orders placed throughout our website. No strings attached.

EMI Financing Available

Just because we're premium, doesn't mean we're not affordable! No Cost EMI available on orders above 10,000

The Flexbike

The Ultimate Cardio Experience is here. India's 1st Bluetooth enabled smart bike with a 1-year complimentary membership to The Flexnest app with On-Demand Workouts, Virtual Rides and more

The Flexscale

India's 1st and Smartest Weighing scale that syncs with the Flexnest app to measure 13 body parameters like Body Fat, BMI, Protein, Body water, Visceral Fat, Metabolic Age etc. and more - all with the Flexnest app and Bioimpedance Bluetooth technology.

The Flexrower+

India's 1st Smart Rower that connects with your iPad/Phone to stream On-Demand Workout Classes & Virtual Rows in lakes and Oceans across the world

Based on 561 reviews
The Flexbench
Ritesh (Delhi, India)
Good quality and ergonomical!

I ordered it from the Flexnest website a few months ago. So far it's been perfect. Good quality material and ergonomic.

The Flexbangle
R.S. (Gurgaon, India)
The right flex weight

It gives me the 'extra' in extraordinary

Flexnest Foam Roller
Dmytro Shchotkin (Pune, India)
It's good but it won't do the job instead of you

It's a really solid and nice quality product. But it's not the one that you can use just by moving it with your hands all over your body. That being said, it's great! It will give you a deeper massage for your bigger muscles like the back, legs, or glutes. You just need to lie down onto the roller with all your body weight and roll it this way. It will do the job nicely. But for smaller muscles or a lighter massage, you'll need something else.

The Flexbike
Pradeep S (Delhi, India)
Love it!

Overall loved the product and an amazing experience in riding the flexbike..

The Flexrower+
Gargi Kukrety (Dehradun, India)
I love it!

It's foldable, it's sturdy and the build quality is amazing. Love the workout and love the machine!

The Flexibell
N.M.S.T.B. (Hyderabad, India)
Better than Expected

I did lot of research before buying the flexnext dumbbells. These pair literally replaces 15 sets of dumbells. The built quality is good.

The Flexbike
Harvesh (New Delhi, India)
Absolutely Amazing!

Great bike! The classes are amazing. I look forward to my session everyday! Must buy - great investment for the entire family

The Flexibell
Shanon (New Delhi, India)
Fully satisfied with the product..

At first I thought I didn't need it but after I recieved my package I'm really satisfied with the product it's very less space consuming & easy to use & absolutely value for money
I'll suggest everyone who are working out in home should try this.
Best product I have ever got

The Flexbike
Shrikant Balkrishna Mitake (New Delhi, India)
Very satisfied! Love the app! Quality is excellent!

I had seen some ads and read online reviews about this exercise bike as it came with an App that streams classes from trainers and has virtual rides in different cities. My family loves this bike as well including kids. Would definitely recommend Flexnest!

The Flexbike
Neeru Joshi (New Delhi, India)

Best investment for home exercise equipment was Flexnest bike. We all at home love spin cycling and has helped us all step on it as we feel the need. We missed this part of the exercise for last 3 years with limited access. the price point and the quality of equipment are fantastic and real value for money. The fact that it comes with a 1 year subscription of various classes it helps kick start even for those who are doing it first time. Pace yourself with the type of class and intensity, there is something for everyone. We strongly recommend.

1) Build - Its built like a tank and the materials are clearly very premium
2) Looks - Looks very high end due to the black and orange finishing and the clean design.
3) Stability - Bike is very stable and doesn't move an inch
4) Free Flexnest classes - The classes on the app are so motivating and the trainers are amazing!
5) Virtual Scenic Rides - Ride in Paris or New York as you wish
6) App Tracking - I get a mailer every month and the profile page stores all my stats!
7) Scale - It integrates with my Flexscale and also with Apple health seamlessly

1) Took some time to deliver but their customer service was very supportive.

Overall - 5 out of 5 stars and definitely reccomend!!

The Flexbike
Samira (New Delhi, India)
Amazing Bike! Must buy!!

While building my home gym I saw a couple of ads for flex missed on Instagram and decided to go ahead and check out what their smart bike is about. I was pleasantly surprised at the high-quality build, the lovely packaging and overall experience of receiving the product. This replaced a previous spin bike I had bought many years ago from a local sport shop and I can’t even compare this bike to the old bike as The Flexbike is far far superior. I would suggest anyone to go with it!

It’s super compact and best part is my best friend also has one and we both can compete on the leaderboard in the classes by trainers. Manish is my favourite trainer in their app.

The Flexbike
Aryan (New Delhi, India)

Best bike in India by far.

The Flexibell
Thomas (New Delhi, India)
Compact gym @Home

Compact product for any compact gym in today's Mumbai flats. Can be placed under the beds without taking up space. Looks durable but have to check it out after using it for some time. No need of various dumbles of different weights. A good overall innovative product

The Flexibell
kuldeep (New Delhi, India)
A very good product & after sales service

A very good product to use for regular weight training exercises.
It’s very easy to use and is made up of very good quality metal.

Also the after sales service was exceptional & worth mentioning here:
After opening the product I noticed that the rubber grip in one of the handle of the dumbbell was slightly off from its normal position & was hurting me when I used it for the first time.

I called helpline and the employee patiently heard my issue and promptly arranged for a replacement of that handle & within 6 days my old handle was replaced with a proper handle with proper grip. This is something which was very smooth & worth appreciating!

Keep up the good work & my best wishes to team Flexnest!

The Flexibell
UN (New Delhi, India)
Flexible weights have worked very well with our workout routine. Bought 2 sets.

Very easy to use, starts from 2.5 kg. Whole family is able to use it because of the flexibility

Flexnest Massage Gun
KAMAL (New Delhi, India)
Very compact and premium look with the power packed inside.

I am doing intensive workout at gym and after that this massage gun is giving me the best relaxation and cure my muscles spasm and fasten my muscles recovery and also very powerful device gives the perfect deep tissue massage and cures spasm very effectively. i highly recommend this product to gym freaks.

The Flexibell
Nitai (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Essential for anyone who works out

With the ability to progressively overload your lifts as easily as rotating a dial, it really brings the gym to your own home. As we know, building consistency is the hardest part when starting our fitness journey, so having these at home makes it hard to skip a workout.

The Flex Barbell
KAPIL GIRI (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Essential for anyone who works out

A perfect weight set for multi purpose exercise. Very very easy to attach and detach weights. Smooth functioning and superior grip for weights. Overall I am very much satisfied with the product and if you are a workout freak then definitely go for it

The Flex Barbell
Vijay N S (New Delhi, India)
Good quality and easy mechanism to manage weight

I was looking for a good barbell for my home gym, but the challenge was weight plates, combination and lock sets. When I came across Flexnest barbell I liked it, bought it on Amazon with good deals post reviewing the reviews.

The product works like a charm, the weight plates are rubber based and is of very good quality. I can use plates alone for various exercises with ease due to its design and handles. The steel bar is strong and sturdy, the mechanism to add and remove weight plates is easy. There is no need to worry about locks and tension around if it’s locked properly or not, will it slip, etc. the lock mechanism to hold the plate at the center handle is pretty firm and strong, gives lot of comfort to use as the plates don’t move or rotate.

Recommended buy for all interested to invest in good barbell weight set!

The Flexrower+
Venkateswarlu (New Delhi, India)
Good product for a quick calories reduction excercise

Good product for indoor excercise, helping to reduce calories within less time. Very effective compared with other mode and methods of excercise

The Flexibell
Hitesh (New Delhi, India)
Overall Good product

Solves the problem of having multiple dumbells

The Flexbike+
Hari (New Delhi, India)
350-500 Calorie burn per day through Cycling? Yes possible through flexnest

Let me give you 3- 4 strong reasons if you are considering purchasing Flexnest. While buying indoor cycling for fitness, there are many cheaper cycles with frictional resistance levels which is prone to wear and tear. Flexnest has magnetic resistance and with strong frame and sturdy construction quality. The quality comes close to any upmarket gym equipment. This is reason #1 .

Reason #2 The LCD console is beautifully designed with multi-user mode. I personally liked the virtual mode which you can use to break the clutter and boredom of exercise. I personally use it for my second round of exercise and use the metrics board for first round. BTW multiple members can log-in and see their exercise history in the console.

Reason #3: The flywheel is large enough and actually feels like a road bike. With the virtual mode, the experience is to be tried. Don't take my word for it.

Reason #4: Pedals have toe cages to prevent any slippage. Yes, others have it. But the grip, quality of the toe-cage is something you should try.

In all, its a bit on the higher side on price, but it seems to be all worth to burn about 350-500 calories a day at your time and comfort.

The Flexibell
Siddarth (New Delhi, India)
Amazing Innovation!

Absolutely loved it! Was blown by it's ease of use thru the dialer & tray mechanism.. And since its between the range of 2.5kgs to 24kgs, I guess everyone in the house will be inclined to use it! I just hope it lasts long!

The Flexbike
Srivastava (New Delhi, India)
Quality product & excellent customer services.

Good indoor equipment, premium quality and reliable customer services. The product was originally delivered with a faulty seat (couldn’t fix the seat). The customer care called for feedback and connected me to their expert who gave me instructions on video call, on how to fix it and in the same call took the request for seat replacement. I am happy with both the product and their service. Keep it up team!!

The Flexibell
Robby Rai (Ludhiana, India)
Quite Sturdy and Premium Build!

Great pair of dumbbells for a home gym. They are very well built and have an overall aesthetic and premium feel. I’ve been using them daily for a week now and have not experienced any problems whatsoever! The stand is well built too and compliments the FlexiBell well.

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