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Our Customers

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Flexnest Turbo Massage Gun
U.K. (Chennai, India)
Nice product

Good product,quality is very good

Flexnest Ultra Massage Gun
Venkatesh subramaniam (Bengaluru, India)
Fantastic product

I have been using Flexnest ultra massage gun for a week. It is a wonderful product and more than happy with it. Definitely, it is a must have massage gun for everyone.

Flexnest Turbo Massage Gun
Gaurav Mahajan (Lucknow, India)
One of a kind product

I was a bit skeptical about the Turbo Massage Gun at first, but it has exceeded my expectations. It's powerful yet comfortable to use, and I love that it comes with multiple attachments for different needs. I use it almost every day and my muscles feel much more relaxed and less sore.

Flexnest Turbo Massage Gun
R. (Delhi, India)
Really Powerful

I've used other massage guns before, but this Turbo Massage Gun is definitely the best.

The Flexdubs
Rishabh (Delhi, India)
Bye bye airpods

The price is amazing. I used to use AirPods which are sooo expensive. Found these online, love it

Flexnest Foam Roller
Akshat Lavania (Delhi, India)
Best Prop for mat exercise

Very effective in targeting the pressure points. Value for money

The Flexbangle
Akshat Lavania (Delhi, India)
New style statement

Comfort with style. Amazing grip.
Simply loved it

Flexnest Ultra Massage Gun
Devang Pomal (Delhi, India)
Nice Handy Product Easy to Use Good Output.

Nice Handy Product

The Flexibell Stand
Ranbir (Delhi, India)
Great stand for my dumbbells! Must buy

This stand is great. Fits perfectly in my room and looks very stylish. The condition of the stand is also very good.
I highly recommend this product.

The Flexibell Stand
X (Delhi, India)
A great investment for Bowflex styled dumbbells

Does the job and does it well. Will work with all brands styled after the Bowflex 552 adjustable dumbbells. Recommended.

The Flexibell Stand
Shanon (Delhi, India)
Fully satisfied with the product..

At first I thought I didn't need it but after I recieved my package I'm really satisfied with the product it's very less space consuming & easy to use & absolutely value for money
I'll suggest everyone who are working out in home should try this.
Best product I have ever got from Amazon

The Flexibell Stand
soma ray (Delhi, India)
You have to get it installed by someone from Flexnest.

You have to get it installed from someone from Flexnest. It was chargeable but it was done.
Not easy to install at all.
Otherwise product is great.
I am happy till now.

Flexnest Yoga Mat (8mm)
Akshat Lavania (Delhi, India)
Best yoga mat

Best yoga mat. Non slipery and best suited for yoga practitioners

Flexnest Yoga Mat (8mm)
Ajanta Mukherjee (Delhi, India)
Flexnest Must Buy

Very very happy with overall experience. Go go go for it for unquestionable quality. Very comfortable with every movements, so much so that you would get the total confidence. A must buy product though a little bit expensive.

Flexnest Ultra Massage Gun
Baldeep singh (Delhi, India)
Go for it

It is a good massage gun. Very compact and sturdy. Especially battery backup is very good. Go for it without a single thought.

Flexnest Ultra Massage Gun
KAMAL ASNANI (Delhi, India)
Very compact and premium look with the power packed inside.

I am doing intensive workout at gym and after that this massage gun is giving me the best relaxation and cure my muscles spasm and fasten my muscles recovery and also very powerful device gives the perfect deep tissue massage and cures spasm very effectively. i highly recommend this product to gym freaks.

Flexnest Ultra Massage Gun
Mehul bhandari (Delhi, India)
'Paisa-Wasool' Massager from Flexnest.

Play Video
Firstly dont go on money ,
Secondly this Massager has been designed so that it reliefs the pain caused in muscles,

The build quality top notch
The size of massager is actually its plus point.

Thanks to Flexnest team for such Product
Thanks to Amazon for providing Swift delivery

Flexnest Smart Weighing Scale
Nitesh (Delhi, India)
Great product

Good accuracy, premium quality hard glass top Easy to use highly recommend

The Flexibell
Shadab (New Delhi, India)


The Flexibell
Durgesh Patle (New Delhi, India)
Meets the expectations

Switching between the weights is so easy. You cannot keep multiple dumbbells at home, it was tedious to change plates between excercise. But this dumbbell is supper easy, just switch the knob and you get new dumbbell is ready. Awesome! Quality is good, you don't need to buy separate stand as it comes with a tray.

The Flexibell
Vee_Vlogs in YouTube (New Delhi, India)
Ignore Negative Comments. Just Go For IT.

Very good quality. Ignore Negative issues.

You can check the complete video of the product and how to fix the Jam or Stuck issue details in my youtube channel vee_vlogs.

The Flexibell
Arjunsinh (New Delhi, India)
Excellent product

Excellent product

The Flexibell Stand
A.K.H. (Dharwad, India)
Product is good but movers & packers are in hurry

Received this Item on 4/12/2022, Thanks for quick delivery. We fixed the unit but I guess some iteams are missing in hurry packing.
1)Both legs are same side holes so that in the horizontal the Flexnet bord won't fit to that stand
2)On top stand there is provision for holding the dumbells from clip but clips are missing in the box.
3) Flexnet name bord won't fit for the above reason

Rest is OK anyhow design is fantastic for the dumbells.

Thank you

The Flexbike
Venkatraman Radhakrishnan (Chennai, India)
great bike

Wonderful bike.

Flexnest Smart Weighing Scale
Samdarsh nirankari (Bahtarai, India)
Great product

Easy to connect to the app. Body fat percentage is specially useful to calibrate your diet and exercise. Looks modern. Overall great product.

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Flexnest: Best Fitness and Gym Equipment Online in India

When planning to set up a home gym, the first step is to look for the best home gym equipment brands in India because buying gym products online is not an easy task; you need to pick a trusted brand that best serves you and your home gym. Flexnest offers revolutionary fitness gym equipment best suited for smart home gyms. Home gyms often require user-friendly machines that can be used at home without the physical presence of a gym instructor. In order to make things easy, Flexnest has launched a series of very responsive, smoothly operated, and state-of-the-art gym equipment.

Working out at home can be tedious, and you may feel isolated in the journey of achieving fit-ness goals. A fun workout supported by professional experts renders higher chances of success and sustaining efforts. We have pondered this, so Flexnest is not merely a gym equipment brand but a complete fitness solution company. We say this because Flexnest gym products come with not only high-quality and easy-to-use equipment but also trainer-led workout sessions, Flexnest fitness classes membership, Bluetooth, virtual ride visuals, and so much more. Hence, it's not just the quality that makes our home exercise equipment one of the best in India; it's also our aim to provide world-class workout machines along with an experience that makes exercising fun-driven and effective.

At Flexnest, we are able to provide quality assurance and best in class experience because all our products are designed by some of the best product designers in Berlin, Germany. One can get Flexnest home gym equipment by simply ordering online with a free Pan India delivery. Addi-tionally, with the aim to reach out to all fitness lovers, we have made Flexnest accessible to all by offering no-cost EMI*. With all these features, we can claim to be the best fitness and gym equipment brand in India.

Benefits of Having Gym Equipment at Home - pointers

In the journey of getting fit, there are many obstacles, the first being failing to get a slot out of your busy schedule. Wouldn't it be nice that you could work out at any time of the day without worrying about the gym timings and the effort of actually visiting a gym? While reflecting on this, if the thought of buying fitness gym equipment or getting a home gym set up ever crossed your mind, then deliberate no more because time-saving is not the only benefit of having a gym at home or home exercise equipment. We are sharing a whole list of ten advantages of home gym equipment.

  1. Workout any time- The first is the ease of workout at any time of the day. Imagine not rushing from the office because your gym closes the door at nine. 
  2. Sustaining Routine- The most common reason for skipping a workout is that you are unable to take out time with your daily chores. A home gym will remain open at all times, whenever you are free!
  3. Private Sessions- Many people feel uncomfortable with gawking and glaring eyes at the public gym. A home gym or exercising on home gym workout equipment will be peaceful and comfortable. 
  4. Time-Saving- Most times, public gyms are full of people working out; this means you may have to wait in the queue to use a machine of your choice. You will never have to wait for your turn in your personal space with home fitness equipment
  5. Money Saving- Of course, you can save money with home gym workout equipmentbecause the home gym can be used by all your family members. In contrast, you have to pay individually for membership at the gym. 
  6. Professional help with Flexnest- You may think home gyms are only for those who know how to work out independently. But that's not true; if you buyhome gym equipment from Flexnest, we offer professional help through power-packed trainer-led workout sessions. Additionally, you may also get a complimentary subscription to Flexnest classes. 
  7. Your Gym, Your Rules- In a public gym, there can be numerous things you may dislike, for instance, the lighting, the music, the flooring, the interiors, or the people bringing in muddy shoes. But you can't do much about it. Here your home gym gives you the liberty to do as you feel is right. Make your own rules and feel at your best in your personal gymming space. 

Choosing the Right Gym Equipment for Home Use

A home gym is a personal space where you can perform all exercises of your choice within the comfort of your home. But setting up a home gym may not be an easy task. There are numerous factors that you should consider before you buy home gym equipment. The foremost thing is to understand your need and then take a call. Here’s a list of a few things you should keep in mind before you go out in the market. 

  1. Aim- Focus on the aim with which you want to set up a home gym. Decide whether it is to keep up the fitness level, stay active, muscle building or cardio pump ups or rehabilitate after recovering from an accident or illness. Different forms of exercise need various kinds of equipment. For instance, if you plan to focus on cardio health, dumbbells will probably do no good; an exercise bike or an elliptical machine will be better in this case. 
  2. Price- For most people, the price point will be one of the significant factors in this list. It’s essential to set a budget and then proceed. Plan how many and which equipment you need. Divide the budget and take an informed decision based on thehome gym fitness equipment price. Also, having a complete home gym equipment setmay sound exciting, but proceed with buying one by one if your budget doesn’t allow it in one go. In a few cases, you may be tempted to buy Premium fitness equipment because they come with better and more features but may cost higher. For such scenarios, Flexnest provides no-cost EMIs on ordering home gym equipment online and makes even premium products affordable. 
  3. Space- You’ll be lucky to find a dedicated room for your home gym. But if you are setting the home workout equipmentin a shared space, plan accordingly. In the former case, you can splurge on multiple gears, provided your budget allows. While in the latter case, the machine that you buy should be compact and be able to offer you maximum workout.
  4. Level of expertise- Just because you are investing in a home gym, do not try to buy advanced level equipment thinking about the future. Choose equipment that suits your fitness level. Trying to do exercises way ahead of your capabilities may lead to unwanted strain or injury. Therefore, start with the basic level and slowly move to advanced levels. 
  5. Who Will Workout- Before making a purchase, map out who will use the home workoutequipment. Consider the needs of all the active members and then select a machine that suits the majority of people in the house. This will give better returns on the investment. Once the fitness routine is set up for them, you can further buy home gym equipment for individual needs. 

Improve Strength & Endurance with Fitness Equipment

Gymming plays a very vital role in improving the strength and fitness level of any individual. Strength and endurance are achieved by weight training, also known as strength training or resistance training. Strength can be achieved by your own body weight or by using fitness gym equipment. Strength training can be done in many forms of exercises. The gym instructors are especially known to focus on weight training along with cardio workouts. That doesn’t mean you always need to hit the gym. The same robust setup can be created with home workout equipment for strength training in your personal space. 

Strength training may sound intimidating and probably may seem like it can only be done under the supervision of a full-time instructor. Read on to know what you need to get started with a strength training routine in a home gym. 

If you have already set up a home gym, there is nothing better, but if you have just started, look for an open space in your home where you can freely work out. Start with basic levels to gain momentum and confidence to do strength-building exercises at home. You can buy home gym equipment like:

  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance bands
  • Kettlebell
  • Barbell
  • Workout bench
  • Exercise/Yoga mat

You can perform various exercises with these types of equipment, like shoulder press, triceps kickback, chest press, deadlifts, etc. You can always find exercise videos for beginners online to start with. Once you gain the rhythm, you will know what and how much your body needs. 

Strength and endurance training should be a part of everyone’s workout routine as it has a number of benefits that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Along with making you stronger, it helps build lean muscles, burn calories, reduce body fat, increase flexibility & bone density, improve balance & posture, and improve overall mental health & fitness. 

Remember the must-haves Features when buying a Daily Workout Equipment

If you have decided to set up a home gym or buy home gym equipment, it can be one of the best decisions for achieving your fitness goals. Working out at home comes with a lot of benefits, but what also comes along is the tricky decision- what to look for in home gym workout equipment. With so many options out there, you can get bewildered. The features that you should look for in daily workout equipment are:

  • Its Portability- Go for a portable home workout setup that takes up less space. Even if you are setting up the workout space in a separate room, it is better to pick up compact and lightweight machines and equipment, as they are easy to maintain, shift and arrange. For instance, a machine that can provide numerous workouts or target the entire body or several body parts will prove lucrative. Our Flexibell is a dumbbell that can switch weights from 2.5Kg to 24Kg with the simple flick of a finger and packs 15 different weights into a single dumbbell, helping stay away from clutter.
  • Its Value For Money- The workout equipment should be worth the investment, not a machine that will only take up space and not be helpful. Adding premium fitness equipmentto your setup can be alluring, but it will only be advantageous if it comes with multiple and advanced features like our Flexitrainer, which targets the arms, core and lower body and connect with the Flexnest App to get live and virtual classes from trainers. Getting so many features is definitely value for money, even if the home gym equipment price is slightly high. 
  • Its Ease To Use- Working out at home means you will not have a full-time trainer to guide you on how to use the equipment. Obviously, you can get personal training, but that will be an extra expenditure. Hence, home exercise equipmentshould be user-friendly and easy to operate so that it can be effortlessly installed and used. 
  • Its Accessibility- Best home gym equipment brands in Indiaare the ones which are easy to find in the market. The machines should be widely available and have adequate post-sales services. Flexnest provides fitness equipment online that is easy to buy and offers no-cost EMIs, making it accessible and affordable for all. 

Flexnest – Home Gym Equipment Price in India

Fitness equipment brands in India are growing with the soaring awareness of personal fitness and health. People are moving toward healthier and fitter options, especially after the pandemic blow. Some of the best home gym equipment brands in India have launched advanced exercise machines with advanced features that serve best for home gyms. 

These home gym equipment’s price range stretches from affordable points to premium numbers. A treadmill may range from INR 30,000 to INR 3,00,000 and more based on its brand and features. Similarly, dumbbells in the local market can be purchased at an economical price, but higher quality pieces, which are safer and more portable for home gyms, may cost up to INR 35,000. The more functions the equipment and machines offer with premium quality, the higher the prices go up. 

The total cost of setting up a home gym equipment is not restricted to the expense of the machines and equipment. The space or room environment should be in sink with the workout environment, like laying the rubber flooring to avoid slipping and accidents, arranging music and speakers to boost the mood, setting for proper air circulation and so on. 

Home Gym Products


The Flexbike - Exercise Spin Bike

Rs. 27,999

The Flexrower – Indoor Rowing Machine

Rs. 35,999

The Flextrainer+ - Elliptical Cross Trainers

Rs. 64,999

The Flexibell – Dumbbells Set

Rs. 7,999

The Flexikettle – Adjustable Kettlebells

Rs. 6,999

The Flex Barbell – Adjustable Barbell

Rs. 12,999

Flexnest Performance Mat – Workout Mat

Rs. 2,499

The Flexbangle – Wrist & Angle Weights

Rs. 1,499