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India’s first personal fitness brand selling 12 essentials solely for home use

The Yoga mats you need to help achieve your fitness goals for 2021 in style

Our aim is to make everything you will ever need for a complete home workout

We're ready to enter your nest

Flexnest as the name suggests is a brand that enables you to get fit in the comfort your home - your nest. Our products range from smart dumbbells to inter-lockable gym tiles; a myriad of essentials that can fit anywhere.

Designed in Germany

Designed in Germany

Designed by some of the best product designers in Berlin, Germany, who have reimagined at-home workouts

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

We offer complimentary shipping Pan India on all orders placed throughout our website. No strings attached.

Contactless Delivery

Contactless Delivery

We strive to provide you with a 100% safe and contactless delivery experience, right to your nest

The FlexiBell

Our innovative, modular FlexiBell replaces multiple sets of dumbbells, by offering an all-in-one dumbbell with adjustable weights. Switch from one weight to another with the simple turn of a dial. 

The Flexscale

India's 1st and Smartest Weighing scale that syncs with the Flexnest app to measure 13 body parameters like Body Fat, BMI, Protein, Body water, Visceral Fat, Metabolic Age etc. and more - all with the Flexnest app and Bioimpedance Bluetooth technology.

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