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Free shipping in India

The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

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Most individuals have shifted to a home gym routine as a result of the pandemic, which just requires you to purchase the best home gym equipment online or from your local store. A yoga mat, however, is the most important piece of fitness equipment at home out of all. A yoga mat is a loyal partner that assists you in practicing yoga. It's a great tool that is both economical and portable. Having your own yoga mat is important, but choosing the best type of yoga mat is even more crucial.

Why use a yoga mat?

Yoga can be done without using a mat. But practicing yoga on the mat, on the other hand, adds convenience and comfort to your yoga sessions, making them even more peaceful and useful.

Important Things To Consider Before Buying a Yoga Mat

The Thickness of the Mat

A regular yoga mat is usually 18 inches thick and can be used by people of all ages. A thin yoga mat is not ideal for a very slender individual. A skinny person may find lying down in yoga positions uncomfortable due to the hard surface, which can cause hip pain. A thick mat is recommended for such individuals. People with sensitive joints will benefit from this kind of mat as well.

It's crucial to remember that, while a thicker mat will make it more difficult to maintain proper balance in standing postures like Tree Pose, the increased padding will prevent unintended movement by making the mat bulkier, lowering the chance of going down.

Consider the Texture

If you choose the correct texture for the mat, it can prove to be very beneficial. Some of them may be a little sticky, but this is necessary for traction and to prevent you from slipping. Yoga positions that need more vigorous movement usually benefit from smooth mats with high traction. Completely smooth PVC mats should be avoided since they are dangerously slippery. All exercises for the elderly people should be performed on a natural rubber surface.

Mats with textured designs provide a solid grip and are less slippery, making them ideal for persons who sweat a lot. A cotton or jute yoga mat is also recommended, but rubber mats with a nice texture are the best exercise mats. These mats are vital for softer, and gentler yoga styles.

Yoga mats come in a variety of sizes and forms, as well as different materials. The following is a list of the numerous varieties of yoga mats available in the market:

Cork yoga mats

Yoga mats constructed of cork are known as cork yoga mats. Due to the substance, these mats are lightweight, eco sustainable, safe to use, and very absorbent. Sweat is quickly absorbed, allowing you to maintain a strong grip even when your hands and feet are sweaty. This keeps you from slipping and hurting yourself. Furthermore, these mats are long-lasting and have anti-microbial properties. As a result of its high performance, it is ideal for any yoga lover.

Rubber yoga mats

Rubber mats are popular because they do not contain any harmful chemicals, therefore you will not inhale any potentially toxic substances when practicing downward yoga. They also degrade quickly after disposal, posing little environmental risk. Anti-ski and anti-tear properties are provided by the rubber, making these mats not only comfortable to use but also long-lasting.

Cotton Yoga Mats

Cotton mats are soft and comfortable to use because of their tenderness. Cotton also absorbs sweat, so you will be less likely to slide when you are sweating. They are perfect for individuals who are recovering from injuries. They are also quick to wash, and the cotton dries quickly. They are also inexpensive, making them excellent for those on a limited budget.

Light Weight Travel Mat

If you lead a busy life and don't have time to return home to pick up your mat after work, then lightweight travel yoga mats are the best option for you. They are typically thinner and denser than their competitors, and they roll up and thus can be transported easily. Most of them come with a travel bag or carry straps to make folding and carrying to yoga classes easily.

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Hopefully, the above provided information will surely assist an individual to buy the best yoga mat. When you go for selecting a yoga mat, make sure to do it only after considering all the available options, the advantages and risks and finally the budget.

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