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The Body Resistance Bands

Rs. 1,999


The Body Resistance Bands are made with soft and skin-friendly polyester-cotton stretch fabric. Compared with traditional rubber and latex loop exercise band, our body bands improve elasticity, can maximize comfort and avoid pinch skin, making them the best choice for fitness.

The bands come in a set of 3. 3 colours are tailored to 3 different resistance levels: Mint - Light (10-24 lbs), Blue - Medium (15-32 lbs) and Grey - Heavy (26-50 lbs).

Ideal resistance levels for a wide range of movements, you can also double the bands up for extra strength.  


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No compromises

Our bands are made with thick and durable fabric to withstand your most intense workouts so you never have to worry about rips or tears.

Feel stronger in under 10 minutes

Our Body Bands will help you strengthen and tone your entire body from home. Easy to use & incredibly versatile, feel stronger in as little as 10 minutes a day. Perfect for stretching, rehabilitation, travelling and full-body home workouts.