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Free shipping in India

The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

Trusted by 1,00,000+ customers



Entering the gym, you will undoubtedly find three exercise machines, one of which will be the elliptical cross trainer machine. This clearly proves that the elliptical machine is essential gym equipment. Many people, especially the ones who focus on weight training and runners may find elliptical gym equipment less important. But regardless of the common misconceptions, elliptical workouts are favourably beneficial for all. 

Not just the public gym, but even your home gym can be constructively benefited with an elliptical cross trainer machine, and there are many reasons for it:

  • It is suitable for all, be it young, aged, beginners or expert fitness enthusiasts.
  • It gives a low-impact workout, i.e., it has no harmful effects on the joints.
  • It can be easily installed and used, even without expert supervision, all the time.
  • It can prove to be an ultimate complete body workout machine, which is good for cardio, strength building, fat & weight loss, improving body balance and holistic fitness. 

Now, before you plan to bring an elliptical cross trainer for home, you should know how it will change your body for good. This will not only give you a deep understanding of your body but also keep you motivated to go on and reach your fitness goal. 

One may think, how will the body react after working out on elliptical gym equipment? Just like any other exercise machine, this will surely give you some level of fitness. However, the results depend on the proper movement and posture. 


The movement of an elliptical cross trainer for home is easy to follow because it mimics the most common action of walking, climbing stairs and running or more like cross-country skiing. The legs and arms move simutaneously, which allows working out both, the upper and lower body to exercise at the same time. The movement on the elliptical cross trainer machine is either forward or backwards, depending on which direction you are taking your legs or arms. You can also choose to only move your legs by holding the middle part of the console of the machine. Most elliptical gym equipment also comes with stationary handles along with moving handles for this purpose.

The Forward Movement

In forward movement, you push one leg forward, pull the handle of the opposite arm, and then take the other leg forward whilst pulling the opposite arm in a cross-body pattern. The muscles you use here are the glutes of the butts, quads of the thighs, trapezius in the back and posterior deltoids of the shoulders.

The Backward Movement

Evidently, this is the reverse movement of the forward movement. Here the legs are pulled backwards whilst pushing with the opposite side arm. This movement requires more work from the hamstrings in sync with the guards and affects the pecs of the chest and anterior deltoids, i.e., the front part of the shoulders.

Other smaller muscles are involved when you work out on an elliptical cross trainer for home other than the ones mentioned above. The movement of ellipticals engages most muscles of the body, making it a complete and ultimate full-body training, rendering a fitter, slimmer and more toned body.


A lot of fitness experts will agree that spot reduction is not an easy task and is downright impossible. Apparently, the above information may infer that if you are looking for spot-reduction (fat reduction) then elliptical is not the machine for you. But if spot reduction is difficult to achieve, how can elliptical crosstrainer benefit in such a case?

Here’s how:

As cross trainers offer full-body workouts, it is a way to target the whole body at once, which will also cover the spot you are targeting. To a certain extent, cross trainers may help in engaging the targeted muscles, like inner thighs can be worked by adding resistance, speed, and inclination; pushing with the heels can target the glutes and hamstrings. Along with this, you can try doing resistance training for that particular body part. Cardio from the elliptical will provide strength, and resistance training will let you target those tricky spots. 


Majorly elliptical cross trainer machine benefits the human body in two ways-

  • Giving a good cardio workout and
  • Strength training.

Both are two different forms of exercise with different aims. The former focuses on cardiovascular health, and the latter tones and builds muscle stamina or cardio endurance. Elliptical gym equipment lets major body muscles work up all at once; this spikes up the blood flow and heart rate, making the heart and lungs more efficient and improving the blood supply. It also burns more calories as compared to strength training, leading to significant weight loss (with the support of a healthy and nutritious diet). For people who seek to spike stamina and muscular endurance, exercise on an elliptical with increased resistance or elevation or a combination of both is recommended. This way exercising becomes more challenging and requires more force and effort, gradually soaring stamina and growing strength. 

Elliptical has no or low impact on the body and joints. Since the movement is smooth and there is no need to lift feet off the paddle, it is beneficial if you are recovering from injuries or are pregnant or post-delivery. Exercising on a crosstrainer helps slowly regain body strength without putting unwanted stress on muscles and joints. 


As said, elliptical cross trainer for home gyms can be the best option to work out in the privacy of your home and without much trainer intervention. Nevertheless, remember to maintain your posture. Just like all the other exercises, it is essential to always keep your spine straight and your core firm. First, this will avoid unwanted pain and second, it will boost stamina for working out at high speed. Also, remember to keep your feet firm on the paddles and stride with a complete foot on the ground to avoid bobbing up & down on the machine. 

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