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Free shipping in India

The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

Trusted by 1,00,000+ customers



The first thing that comes to mind when planning a home gym is getting an exercise bike. The spin bike is the most challenging and result-oriented of all the types of exercise bikes available in the market. But only a few people know the difference between a spin bike and other exercise bikes. If you are one of them, read on to learn what a spin bike is, its benefits, how it differs from the other bikes and other details to decide if this exercise machine is best for you. 


The spin bike craze is popping up everywhere. But there are still a large group of people who silently ask themselves, what is a spin bike? We would like to throw some light on the concept of a spin bike.

Gym spin bikes or spin bikes are nothing but a type of humble stationary bike which all of us have used for ages. There are two other types- Traditional upright bikes and Recumbent exercise bikes. What makes spin bikes stand out is that they are designed to resemble more like an actual bicycle that run on the roads. The gym spin bikes were initially made for indoor spin classes, where people would gather and ride the bikes in a group led by an instructor. These days spin bikes are also used in home gyms and public gyms. 


There are many features exclusive to spin bikes that make them different from all the other types of exercise bikes and bring out the benefits of exercising. The resemblance to the actual bike gives it a more natural feel to them. Other than this fact, a spin bike has three features that make it stand out from the rest.

The Seat

Spin bikes have small seats, similar to those running on the road. People who have ridden a bicycle in the past will relate, and beginners may feel uncomfortable with the size of the seat. But with practice and time, they will get used to it. If the discomfort persists, thank innovation for this, you can change the seat cover or use a seat cushion to make it more comfortable. With time you can adjust to your requirement. You will also notice that, like road bikes, spin bikes do not come with a backrest but are adjustable horizontally and vertically.

The Handlebars

Again, the handlebar also resembles the traditional road bike. These handles are more inclined as compared to the other bikes, so the rider needs to lean much forward than one would usually do on regular exercise bikes. But the good spin bikes come with handle adjustment so that you can change it according to your preferences, making it more customizable to your workout.

The Flywheel

The most crucial feature that completely distinguishes spin bikes from all the others is the flywheel weight. The flywheel is the front wheel of the bike that is perimeter-weighted, which means that most weight of the wheel is on edge. The weight in the perimeter helps the wheel maintain momentum after kickstarting the bike, just like an actual bike. It can be observed when you stop moving the paddles, but the wheel still rotates. After the flywheel starts moving, the perimeter weight helps build momentum and makes riding the spin bike more fluid and comfortable. The heavy flywheel of the spin bike also takes more energy to stop that wheel from spinning when your workout is over. This is why spin bikes also come with a manual brake to help slow the flywheel so that you don't hurt your knees.


Spin bikes run pretty much similar to all the other bikes with Just a few specific details. 

  • Seat Adjustment

Before hopping on and starting to paddle, you should adjust the bike's seat or saddle according to your own height and arm length. You can move the seat up or down and forward or backwards in a position where you can comfortably sit and spin it. 

  • Position

Climb the bike and place your feet firmly on the two pedals provided on either side of the bike. Push down with your legs in order to turn the flywheel. You will need extra effort to kick start, and then the momentum will make it easier. Make sure your back is straight, and your core is tight when you spin the bike. 

  • Intensity

All spin bikes for home come with the option of changing the resistance. You can increase the resistance level to make the workout more intense and challenging. These bikes also have the option to adjust how far you can move your legs when pedalling with the help of the knob below each pedal. This can regulate the peddling speed and intensity of the workout. 


The popularity of gym spin bikes among fitness seekers is not for just no reason. Working out on a spin bike comes with many benefits, only if done correctly. Workouts can be done solely on a bike or clubbed with interval training between sessions of high-intensity and low-intensity activities.

Better cardiovascular health

Riding a spin bike pumps up the blood and triggers your heart and lungs to work more efficiently. It also helps the supply of oxygen in a better and faster way. 

Helps in weight loss

Spin bikes focus on cardio exercises that help burn more calories and fat, eventually leading to weight loss. A regular and sustained spin bike workout followed by a nutritious and healthy diet can show good results in weight loss.

Increased muscular endurance

Spin bikes are also known to provide a full-body workout, which engages major muscles of the body and develops the cardiovascular system. Through various exercises on a spin bike, you can incorporate the upper body and strengthen the core, building more stamina to work out. 

Improved bone density

Spinning a bike as a routine develops the upper and lower body and makes the muscles and bones stronger. 

Better mental health

Spin bike workouts are an excellent way to shed away stress and anxiety. A good relaxing session can distract you from negative thoughts to make you feel better. While exercising, you can listen to your favourite music and destress your mood. Brands like Flexnest give access to 100+ virtual rides in the cities like Paris and New York, which you can watch while exercising on Flexbike for a relaxing biking session. 

Spin bikes for the home can offer an intense cycling workout like no other cardio machine. With a heavy flywheel and adjustable resistance, anyone can perform any level of exercise. This is why so many fitness seekers are drawn to spin bikes. If you are planning to add a spin bike to your home gym, it is recommended to try it out at the local gym or a fitness equipment store so that you can pick up the best-suited equipment for your home gym. 

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