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The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

The Flextrainer

Rs. 29,999 Rs. 34,999
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Introducing India's 1st Smart Cross Trainer - The Flextrainer

The Flextrainer is a full-body cardio in a compact design that fits your home, delivering HIIT-style workouts that challenge you to move further and faster than ever before. With a total body movement that excludes ground impact, The Flextrainer allows you to perform intense cardio training with minimal perception of fatigue and no stress on the joints.

Free 1-Month Flexnest Membership: You get a 1-Month complimentary subscription to Flexnest content.  

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Use this accordion to add info such as Materials, Sizing, Features, Shipping and Returns policies

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Perfect home equipment for daily use

Bought the Flextrainer as I was looking for a portable machine for my house that can be used by my entire family.The price point is great and we enjoy taking the classes by the trainers.A must buy!

Awesome Product !!

The Flex trainer is a very good product. Nice size and easy to use. I like using the virtual walks. Today I walked in San Francisco.

Very good elliptical from Flexnest

I bought this along with several other items while making my home gym. Highly suggested. Great for home workouts and app with classes is so amazing

Amazing product

Helpful product, connectivity with Bluetooth helps me to stream my classes on this while working out.I really loved it.

Rishabh Chaursasia
Perfect for home workouts

The machine is completely silent and easy to be fixed at home. I have been using it for some time now and it works perfect for me. The build quality is great and is worth each penny i paid. Best decision.

Amazing machine!!

Really liked the machine! Strongly recommend it to everyone one who wants to be fit and healthy.Also at a very good price point


India's 1st Smart Cross Trainer

Say hello to the Smartest Cross Trainer Elliptical! The Flextrainer is ready to take your workouts to the next level. Connect with The Flexnest App to get Live Classes from Trainers & Virtual walks in 50+ cities


50+ Virtual Walks

The Flextrainer offers scenic walking routes in over 50+ exotic locations across the world from Paris to Bermuda. Go walk and workout in a different city and country everytime - right from your bedroom.

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Buy Elliptical Bike/ Cycle Online

Buying an elliptical bike for the home gym can be an excellent decision to spike up your cardio workout. The best part of exercising on an elliptical cycling machine is that you can work out the whole body at one point in time. Out of so many options available in the market, it’s inevitable for you to get baffled. Elliptical cycle prices may also turn you away. But Flexnest brings a product that no one can refuse to buy with great features and worthy cost.

The Flextrainer is a crosstrainer bike offering world-class exercising with features you may not find in other machines. It can plainly be called a bike from the future. Designed and conceptual-ized by German fitness experts, Flextrainer and Flextrainer+ are India’s first smart elliptical cycling machines. These are Bluetooth enabled and connect your devices to access on-demand live classes from experts. You also get access to virtual walk scenes from more than fifty cities worldwide. The design and material used in the machine make sure exercising is not just effec-tive but also comfortable.

This incredible elliptical cycling machine can be easily bought online from the Flexnest website or by physically visiting the store. Flexnest’s elliptical cycle price is in accordance with the latest and advanced features, making it stand out from the rest. Flexnest also ensures that its products are affordable and accessible for all by providing easy, no-cost EMIs, free shipping and cash-on-delivery service. To ensure a good purchase, Flextrainer comes with a 1-year warranty and a 7-days return option.

Improve Your Cardiovascular Fitness with cross trainer bike

An elliptical cycling machine may be the newest cardio workout machine, but it is one of the most effective ones. The main reason is that it is cardio workout equipment that doesn't focus on one or two body parts. Instead, it works on the upper as well as lower body. Another good reason for its popularity is that it is a low-impact exercise machine, almost perfect for all, be it a newbie, an experienced fitness fan, a person recovering from injury or ill health, old-aged people or kids. All you need is to set your balance on the machine, and you are good to go on a cardiovascular fitness journey. 

Crosstrainer bike lets you move your legs (with the use of paddles) and arms (with the use of moving handles) simultaneously, giving a full-body workout all at once; this gets your heart pumping resulting in better functioning. The smart and technology-laden monitor on the elliptical cycling machine, especially like the ones in Flextrainer, shows you your heart-health goals and journey, which makes it easy to track and follow.

These bikes also come with varying levels of resistance; this means you can increase or decrease the power of exercising according to your need. After mastering level one, you can move on to higher levels and improve your fitness and goals. Usually, high-intensity workouts are related to faster and better cardio health. An elliptical cycling machine is equipment which can provide you with both intermediate-level and expert-level training.

Cardiovascular fitness can also be achieved by other cardio exercise machines like a treadmill or cycling. But the kind of support that the elliptical bike provides, through its low-impact exercis-ing feature, makes it one the most liked among all age groups of people. You must have heard of the accident on the treadmills, but it is much safer to work out on a crosstrainer bike.

Flextrainer – Elliptical Cycling Machine with Inbuilt Training Program

Flexnest is a young brand that knows the needs of Millenials and Gen-Zs. These generations have more time to work and lesser to focus on health & fitness. Flexnest understands that the need of the hour is to get more fitness with lesser time. Therefore, Flexnest specializes in fitness equipment for home gyms. Home gyms requirement of people who run short on time to go to an actual gym and spend three hours straight doing cardio and weight training, in between sparing time for queue to hop on a treadmill or an elliptical bike or grab that dumble.

For the above reasons, Flexnest provides an inbuilt training program with its elliptical cycling machines. These power-packed trainer-led live workout sessions are provided to the user in the form of videos. These videos can be played on any smart device (mobile or a tab) via Flexnest App. With each machine, you get a 6-month complimentary subscription to the Flexnest Classes. This feature is covered in the Flexnest elliptical cycle price.

This way, you can work out either by yourself or with the assistance of live classes, both in the comfort of your home and with ease of time.