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The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

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Free shipping in India

The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

Trusted by 1,00,000+ customers



The elliptical crosstrainer is among the most popular exercise equipment in any gym. This can be well-proven by looking at the queue and waiting to grab a spot in it. Also known by the name cross trainer machine, it is also the most sought-after choice for a home gym. The ease of installation and operation gives it an excellent reason to bring it home. 

What makes it easy to work with a cross trainer at home is its simple motion. You get a full body workout with many other benefits; all this in just a simple motion mimicking walking, running or climbing stairs. There is a whole list of benefits that you can derive from bringing a cross trainer for home. Here are the top 10 that can surely persuade you to get one. 

1. Builds Stamina

Aerobic exercises are a good way to fulfil cardio goals. The reason is that when you do aerobics, your heart and lungs have to work a little extra to boost the muscles with extra energy in the form of blood and oxygen. This makes the heart, lungs and muscles stronger and builds performance stamina. An elliptical cross trainer aids in performing high-intensity cardio workouts for the entire body without actually moving out of the house. 

2. Burns Extreme Calories

We know a good amount of cardio exercises burns calories. If you aim to burn kilos of calories in a short time, peddling on a cross trainer machine can be an excellent decision. On average, you can burn around 270–400 calories in 30 minutes of an elliptical cross trainer workout. It Burns a good lot of calories to help lose weight effectively and faster.

3. Gives Low Impact Workout

Considering all the benefits of cardio exercises, it becomes essential to do workouts like walking, running, jogging and climbing stairs as an integral part of the fitness regime. At the same time, we cannot ignore the significant amount of impact it can cause to the joints (ankle, knee and hip). On the contrary, a cross trainer machine, despite making all the cardio motion, gives you a low-impact workout. The reason is that while making a stroke, you do not lift off your feet from the peddle, which avoids any impact on the joints. That is why working out on an elliptical crosstrainer is most suitable for aged people or people recovering from an accident.

4. Full-Body Workout

An elliptical cross trainer with moving handles can provide you with a full-body workout. It not just targets the lower muscles but also engages the arms, core and back when exercise is done holding the moving handles. The simultaneous movement of legs and arms distributes the resistance from the machine equally across the body. It can train your glutes, hamstrings, quads, chest, back, biceps, triceps, and core muscles when done correctly.

5. Suitable for Post-Injury

If you are taking time off from your regular high-intensity workout due to some injury, then an elliptical cross trainer is the machine to look forward to. The foremost reason is that cross trainers are low-impact exercise equipment that does not hit hard on your joints and muscles. It is also an excellent way to regain your motion, flexibility and stamina after a long break from training. It can help you regain your entire range of motion and help you warm up before you hit the high-intensity regime.

6. Improves Balance

Balance is vital, especially while working out. It prevents falling and getting injured and improves flexibility. The simultaneous movement of hands and legs builds good coordination. Also, standing up straight without holding the handles and trying to balance by holding the core tight and peddling with the legs trains you to maintain balance. However, make sure you go a little easy on resistance and inclination so that the cross trainer machine is set on a manageable program. 

7. Weight Bearing Exercise

The Cross trainer machine is weight-bearing exercise equipment. Your muscles and bones must apply pressure to move the pedals to work out. The work done by muscles and bones leads to wear and tear; it then rebuilds and makes them stronger. This makes the elliptical an ideal workout for people suffering from osteoporosis and individuals who are prone to fractures. 

8. Enjoyable Workout Programs

With the advancement of fitness technology, the makers try to make the workout session more and more enjoyable and doable. These days cross trainers for home come with preloaded programs like elevated walks, interval-based, resistance variations, etc. Not just this, these modern machines can be connected to your smart devices via Bluetooth to monitor and record your heart rate, play songs and more. Modern brands like Flexnest provide their customers with even better options, like access to more than fifty virtual walks in cities across the world. On their app, you can stream on-demand classes from India'sIndia's top instructors, that will guide and train you to work out with the cross trainer. With all these wonderful features, exercising certainly becomes enjoyable and more encouraging.

9. Easy to Use

The is no complication about using an elliptical cross trainer. Most brands provide installation steps which are easy to understand and install. As far as usage is concerned, anyone can learn it in a few minutes. All you have to do is set in the motion of coordinating the hands and legs, and you are good to go. You may consult a fitness trainer to make the usage more effective, who can suggest a different program and exercise plan. If you buy cross trainers like Flextrainer, you can access on-demand classes from India'sIndia's top instructors who can teach you to use crosstrainer in the best way possible.

10. Workout at Home

To achieve your cardio goals, you either think of walking or running on the tracks outside or hitting the gym. Nevertheless, not all have the advantage of enough time for it. For the busy ones, running tight on schedule elliptical cross trainer is the answer. The best part of the cross trainer machine is that it can conveniently be made part of your home gym. This is one of the top choices of equipment for people who like to work out at home. This machine lets you work out in the comfort and privacy of your space without waiting in a queue for your turn. 

Elliptical machines rank impressively in terms of burning calories and fat and promoting weight loss. With its safe cardio workout, it becomes the most preferred mode of training to keep fit, be it for beginners, experts, athletes or the elderly. The full-body workout regime benefits in many ways like toning the body, improving cardiovascular health, boosting stamina, reducing hypertension, and better blood circulation in the entire body. 

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