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The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

The Flexrower+

Rs. 64,999 Rs. 79,999
No Cost EMI with Zest logo &

The Flexrower+ is the Ultimate, Smart Rower of the future.

  • Trainer-Led Workouts: It comes with power-packed Trainer-led workout sessions. 
  • Bluetooth Enabled: You can connect your smartphone (both Android & iPhones) or tablets (both Android & iPad). (iPad/iPhone/Android Phone/Tablet not included)
  • Free 1-Month Flexnest Membership : You get a Free 1-Month complimentary Flexnest subscription to content.
  • Virtual Rows in Lakes & Oceans: You get 30+ virtual rows in lakes from Italy to Thailand. You can now explore different oceans around the world as you row.
  • Water-based Rower: The Flexrower+ uses real water for resistance so you get a natural feel and genuine water rowing sound & experience as you row.
  • Power: (12V/1A)
  • Net weight: 31 KG
  • Total weight: 42 KG
  • Maximum load capacity: 200 KG
  • Dimensions Folded: 2180 mm x 540 mm x 550 mm
  • Dimensions Unfolded: 2135mm x 520 mm x 487 mm
  • Packaging dimensions: 1150 mm x 540 mm x 670 mm
  • Water tank volume: 18 L
  • Metallic support for a Smartphone or Tablet.
  • 16 blade double-layer water paddle
  • Bluetooth connection with Flexnest App

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Gargi Kukrety (Dehradun, India)
I love it!

It's foldable, it's sturdy and the build quality is amazing. Love the workout and love the machine!

Venkateswarlu (New Delhi, India)
Good product for a quick calories reduction excercise

Good product for indoor excercise, helping to reduce calories within less time. Very effective compared with other mode and methods of excercise

Praneeta (New Delhi, India)

Classes are so fun!

Suraj O.

Super product, super app - unbeatable

Latika S.

Very easy to use, effective for a full body workout and fun! Loving the sound of water, gives the feeling that one is rowing in real life. Looks great.

Ashwin Manda (New Delhi, India)

my workplace doubles up with my flex powered workout space!


India's 1st Smart Rower

The Flexrower+ is India's 1st Bluetooth enabled Rowing Machine that streams On-Demand classes to your rower from the the Best Instructors in the country

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30+ Virtual Rows

The Flexrower+ offers scenic routes in over 30+ exotic locations across the world from Italy to Thailand. Go row in a different ocean or lake everytime - right from your bedroom.

Premium Rower Machine for Inbuilt Home Gym

A rowing machine is perfect if you want to exercise effectively at home. Furthermore, indoor rowing has a ton of significant psychological and physical advantages. For example, you can raise the resistance and slow down for strength training or go quicker with less resistance for a cardiovascular boost. 

Over the past few years, indoor rowing machines have become increasingly popular. Still, when selecting the best rower, a few crucial factors for comparison are well-considered. 

Opt for a brand with a good track record of design refinement and positive customer feedback on maintenance and longevity. The water rower machine has the most realistic rowing motion in the premium range because its design resembles actual outdoor rowing. Therefore, it is rightly cited as the best rowing machine for gym and home for losing weight and cardio health.

All Your Cardio Fitness Needs with Flexrower+

Flexrower+, the premium rowing machine, will help you work out your heart while staying in the comfort of your own house. Because it burns calories and tones your back, arms, stomach, and legs, this advanced rower is the go-to exercise machine. This pro rowing machine is more effective than conventional cardio exercises.

In as little as ten minutes, it gets your heart racing and causes the head-to-toe sweat. It improves cardiovascular health and is a fantastic way to build stronger muscles. Flexrower+ can help you burn up to 800 calories every hour and works 86 per cent of your body's muscles. Furthermore, it implies that this indoor rowing machine at home allows you to combine aerobic and strength training into a single session.

Flexrowers+: On-Demand Trainers

Flexrower+ brings you a full-body workout that supports all your objectives, including weight loss, cross-training for other sports, competing on the water, and injury or surgical recovery. In addition, it can develop and strengthen most of the major muscular groups in the upper and lower body. Quick row, virtual row, and class row are all available on our smart rowing machine.

The Flexrower+ provides scenic routes in more than 30 countries , ranging from Thailand to Italy. You may row from your bedroom to a different lake or ocean every time. In addition, you can row a virtual trainer's infant in the class row. For the outstanding exercise experience, we have chosen the most excellent trainers from around the globe.

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