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Free shipping in India

The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

Trusted by 1,00,000+ customers

How To Choose the Right Elliptical Cross Trainer for Home?

How To Choose the Right Elliptical Cross Trainer for Home?

Elliptical machines get their name from the smooth foot motion they produce, which imitates running or walking while cushioning the joints from impact. You may consider purchasing an elliptical machine to give your at-home gym a cardio alternative.

An elliptical cross trainer looks like a stationary cycle with a seat and pedals and does allow users to sit or stand while exercising. However, unlike a stationary bike, the handlebars move with you. It gives your upper body, core, and back an excellent exercise in addition to your lower body. It is your best option to work out your entire body.

Ellipticals are available in a variety of models in various sizes and shapes. The selection process becomes a job in and of itself because of this. Therefore, pay attention to the following considerations when selecting the best home elliptical:


You can purchase a big elliptical machine if your home has a large enough room. However, it will be best to buy a compact elliptical that would not restrict mobility if your room is small.

Safety options

The primary thing to look for is stability; you don't want a device that feels shaky when you use it, or that could topple over if you use it excessively. Additionally, make sure the front and side railings can support you.

Safety handles and motion handles

Two sets of handles are included on cross-trainers. The first, referred to as safety handles, are immobile. At more incredible speeds, these handles may provide more stability. In addition, most safety handles will contain sensors you can use to check your pulse rate. Motion handles are the other set of handles seen on cross-trainers. They move in unison with the pedals and can exercise your arms simultaneously.

Resistance levels

Cross trainers come in various resistance settings, just like exercise bikes. While automatic adjustment is smoother and quieter, manual adjustment is cumbersome and will interfere with your workout.

There are more resistance levels in the more expensive devices. It enables you to exercise more gradually, which is the ideal method to get healthy. The more resistance you select, the more effort it will take to keep the machine moving.

Simple and seamless transitions

Whether electrically or manually, changing your stride or resistance should go without a hitch. However, they should not be used if they are abrupt or force you to stop in the middle of a transition.


The elliptical cross-trainer must support your total body weight. Thus the more robust the structure, the more lasting the machine. Usually, less expensive solutions result in a lighter, less strong device and more likely to malfunction. The elliptical cross trainer may quickly wear out and generate annoying squeaking owing to excessive loads if the frame flexes while in use.

A smart device

You can receive online training, personalized and inspiring workout courses, and even online coaching services by using an app and subscribing to a monthly plan on your smart elliptical cross trainer.

It gives a home gym a new level; you may take group lessons while experiencing the thrill and rigor of individualized training without ever leaving your house. Similar to other workout equipment, you should be able to position the screen at a comfortable level to avoid straining your neck.


You want to ensure your elliptical isn't too noisy, so you won't use it out of concern for upsetting your family member's peace.


Stride length is frequently mentioned by cross-trainer brands on their website or in the equipment manual. It refers to the cross trainer's range of motion—a more challenging workout results from a greater stride length. You can manually modify this on some machines.

Informational display

A good display console offers clear feedback to help you stay on target during your workout. That means input on time, speed, distance, and calories burned. In addition, the machine will be more enjoyable if the display panel is clear.

When you're working out, a display control panel where you can't see the controls is very worthless. They also allow you to choose between pre-set programs and modify speed and resistance.


Footpads must be non-slip, have raised edges, and fit your entire foot size. Try to get an elliptical with articulating footpads that move with your feet. On longer workouts, some elliptical trainers with static footpads can start to make your feet numb from a lack of circulation. Although there will always be the flywheel's width between them, the closer the footpads are to one another, the better.

After-Sale Support

Please make sure the brand you choose is reliable, and inquire about their assistance with elliptical cross trainer maintenance. Moreover, don’t forget to go through the online reviews.

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