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Free shipping in India

The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

Trusted by 1,00,000+ customers


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A lot has changed in our lives since the pandemic happened. From small changes in daily routine to significant changes in terms of our mental health to losing our loved ones, we have seen a lot during the past year. And now, when everything is getting back on track, we all are tied up somewhere inside and can’t cope with the routine; we became habitual of the lazy lockdown lives. To get back our active selves, we need to pace up ourselves, love ourselves more, and live in the present, forgetting what has passed already. 

Make yourself fall in love with yourself. 

Who won’t want to love themselves and live in the present? All of us desire that state of mind where we can live happily, carefree, loving ourselves at the moment, but the problem is that not everyone knows the way that could lead them to this. So we will give you some ideas that can help you grow your inner self love and make you stay present. Keep scrolling!

  • The best gift of self-love we could give ourselves is a set of exercises. You can start workout at home to gain a healthy body leading to a healthy mind and soul. Taking out some time for physical activities and well-being is a pure form of self-love.
  • Buy yourself some home equipment to show love to yourself, such as a home spa steamer and skincare hampers. You can also make a collection of fitness equipment at home. Take some time out of your daily routine and practice some dance, Zumba, or aerobics to feel energetic as this will make you feel happy from inside.
  • Get yourself some books of your favorite genre, self-help journals, and magazines. Reading can soothe your mind and make you think more broadly, leading you to learn to live in the present and love yourself more.
  • Engage yourself with some movies and music. Music's healing properties are never hidden from anyone, and a quality cinema gives us perspective making these two things so valuable.
  • Do some yoga and make it a general part of your life because it provides uncountable benefits. Some of these are that it helps focus on the present, creates a feeling of self-awareness, helps to manage stress, makes your mind more creative, and increases imagination power.
  • You can also order stuff online to get them delivered to your doorsteps, such as massage oils and self-massager. You can even get good-quality yoga mats online. 

Find a quality ‘me-time’

Spending quality time with anyone improves our relationship with them. So why can’t we say that spending quality time with ourselves can make our mind, soul, and body bond with each other and result in us with goodness? Here is how you can do this:

  • Take a nap. You must be thinking that we were talking about getting away from laziness, then why is self-care about taking a nap. Nap doesn’t make you lazy, and it is so different from falling asleep. Taking a nap recharges your brain and makes you feel happy with a burst of happy hormones in your body.
  • Take yourself out shopping. Get yourself some stunning outfits and self-care products like a menstrual cramp relief patch, foam roller for the back, and some warm blankets for your restful nights.
  • Get your hair/nails done. This creates a feeling of self-confidence and positivity.
  • If you have a pet, share your time with them and if not, grow some plants. Growing plants would give you a feeling of responsibility and caring, and seeing them grow would make you feel positive towards life. 

More of self-care

There are thousands of ways to make yourself feel loved and show some self-care. These are not just some tasks to be done but some favors you do to yourself. Maintain good hygiene, eat healthily and shop yourself for beneficial things like books, accessories, equipment like a home workout dumbbell set, and even cool gadgets that you like. When you lead such a life where you are the master of yourself, and you are the one who loves yourselves most, then you start living in the moment spontaneously.

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These things are a brilliant way to cope with all the negativity that has spread around us in the past years and get your life back together. When finding difficulty managing the daily activities and wanting to give up, remind yourself of the love you have for yourself. When your mind keeps roaming between the past and the future, and you find it challenging to stay present, shower yourself with love and care and make your present so beautiful that you won’t want to roam in the past and future anymore.

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