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Free shipping in India

The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

Trusted by 1,00,000+ customers


peloton bike India

Cycling is no doubt the best fitness exercise to keep you fit and shed some extra weight you have put on. It is the best form of cardio to keep your muscles up and running and increase your heart rate. It is good for fat burning and involves the movement of all muscles. To stay fit and active people go to gyms and buy various sorts of expensive equipment. However, they forget about the most common and the best home gym equipment. Yes, you are right, the old abandoned bicycle of your child left in the garage to rust can be your best buddy to stay fit and active. If you are thinking of buying a treadmill or any other equipment to boost your cardio, then you should rethink.

Cycling is the best and cheapest form of exercise, it can be easily incorporated into the daily routine of any person. There is a small habitual change in the lifestyle that can help us fight the pandemic. Like staying fit and eating healthy to boost your immunity. Cycling can help us conquer the 50% task. According to a report published in a health journal, people who regularly did cycling to those who did nothing had 3 years longer survivability. They are free from heart and stomach diseases and have a better metabolism rate.

Bicycles are the best equipment for cardio and are easily available. However, in these tough times of covid and frequent lockdown, getting outside to ride a bicycle can be dangerous. But this does not give us an excuse to cheat on our fitness goals. We recommend you to go for steady home bikes. These are better known as peloton bike India and are same as any other normal bike. It has a fixed wheel which helps you peddle on the spot and can be fixed on your terrace, garage, or home gym.

The advantages of these bikes are

1. Best form of exercise

These are the best exercise bikes if you are looking for equipment which is not as costly as a treadmill but gives you the same results. Treadmills have become very popular and its multiple modes and additions are a lot in demand. As we all are aware that the ultimate idea of using a bike or treadmill is to lose the excess fat by doing cardio. Then these bikes are the best exercise equipment. They are not as costly as a treadmill but provide the same amount of cardio training.

2. Suitable for the present time

The onset of the novel coronavirus has led us all to stay locked inside our homes. From our offices to schools everything is now shifted to online but we cannot train ourselves online. People are setting up home gyms to stay active and fit in this pandemic. The peloton bike is the best equipment suited to our needs. An ordinary bicycle cannot be used at home and requires long-distance riding to have a good amount of cardio workout. This is practically not possible in the pandemic when most of the states are in lockdown. The peloton bikes give you the liberty to enjoy the joy of cycling at home.

3. Easily adjustable and portable

While other gym equipment cannot allow you to multitask, bicycling does not restrain you. It is easily adjustable in any part of the house and can be shifted without any extra effort. So you can do your cardio while watching TV or catching up on the last episodes of your favorite Netflix series. There are various adjustments available with the bike. This helps you increase the difficulty level of your cardio. The bike itself comes with adjustable seats so that men, women, and children in the home can also use it.

So the next time when you think of buying a piece of costly equipment for your home gym, do look nearby. You may find an old abandon cycle which can give you the same results as that costly gym equipment. If you think that getting out of your home may not be possible or it does not match your timetable then order a peloton bike. They are long-running and sturdy.

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The good thing about these bikes is that any member of the house can use them. Be it your wife, child, or even your parents. Thus equipment like dumbbells and barbells which are hardly used by other people in the house, a bicycle can be used by all.

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