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The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

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skipping rope for weight loss

Jumping or skipping rope is the best form of cardio exercise for anyone who wishes to build their body strength or to reduce weight. Jumping rope is a constant cardio exercise for boxers, footballers, athletes, and runners. Anyone who owns a jumping rope knows that it offers multiple health benefits. A constant workout with jumping rope will help you strengthen your calves, core muscles, thighs, and increase stamina. Many doctors also suggest skipping rope for weight loss. It is excellent equipment that can help you gain your fitness goals without much effort.

It has been widely acknowledged that weight reduction can be achieved only by a calorie deficit diet. However, with a jumping rope one can easily achieve a loss in weight apart from decreasing the calorie intake diet.

Affordable and Easily Available

People tend to scroll through the internet to find home gym equipment online. However, they tend to forget that the best home gym equipment is lying unused in their homes. You can buy a skipping rope online from a number of e-commerce websites. It is quite affordable and easily available. There are various types of workouts that are associated with these ropes.

Different Workouts With Jumping Ropes

The jumping rope can be used to start HIIT workout. These are high-intensity workouts that require a high-calorie burn with very small intermittent breaks. This does not give time to recoup from the fatigue and process like failure set in strength bodybuilding. The sets can be divided into the following types depending upon the level of the person.

Set 1:

This set is specifically designed for young children or people who are new to jumping rope.

1. Start with a little stretching and warming up such as high knees and jumping.

2. Loosen your arms and then skip for 60 seconds continuously. It may sound harder but with practice, one can achieve it.

3. Then take a 90 seconds rest. Take long breaths in the resting stage and again start with skipping. Repeat this exercise 9 times.

Set 2:

This set is designed for those who have reached a specific intermediate level in skipping. This exercise requires an individual to be comfortable skipping with both legs and have better stamina levels than beginners.

1. Start with normal skipping and try alternate leg skipping. You can also try high legs and once you gain certain perfection you can try small step jumps too.

2. Tighten your core while skipping. Perform this for 90 seconds and more.

3. Take some rest for about 60 seconds and then repeat this exercise for 6 times.

Set 3:

This is the most advanced set and it is for the peak HIIT workout.

1. Start with a basic warm-up and then start normal skipping.

2. Introduce faster speed and alternate skipping. Then remove skipping perform 10 push-ups, again pick the rope and skip for 30 seconds.

3. Take a break for 20 seconds, perform skipping followed by burpees and then again rest for few seconds. Complete this exercise three times.

Benefits Of Jumping Rope

Apart from the common benefits such as helping to reduce weight, there are various other ways in which a jumping rope helps us. Continuous use of jump rope helps you improve your balance and body posture. This will in turn help you to stand up straight and erect. It will prevent the disease of spin and bending of the waist in old age.

Jumping rope helps you increase the metabolism in your body. Increased metabolism helps in digestion and keeps the gut clean. This will help you to intake calories and digest them quickly.

This is true that jumping rope can decrease your belly fat but immediate fat reduction is not possible. This is widely acknowledged by all health experts across the globe. However, skipping ropes is the only cardio exercise that can help you to reduce your belly fat at a faster pace. It specifically targets to strengthen the core muscles and will lead to excess fat around your belly. By pulling your core muscles tight while skipping the rope, you can tone your abs and the core.

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A jumping rope is very beneficial for a balanced workout routine but there are certain constraints also to reach the desired results. A proper diet plan should be followed with continuous training and the routine should be consistent. Also, the exercise should be done properly. All this will help you get the desired results from a jumping rope.

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