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The Best Home Gym Equipment To Lose Weight Now!

The Best Home Gym Equipment To Lose Weight Now!

Creating a personal gymming space in your home is the first step in the journey to a fitter lifestyle. Yes, there is always an option of going to the gym but working out at home has its own set of advantages. When you decide to build a home the first thing is to procure the best home gym equipment. With the advancement in the field of fitness, there are now a variety of exercise machines available in abundance. Hence, it is obvious to feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the high-tech and state-of-the-art equipment. But worry not, this blog shares a list of some of the basic yet very effective home gym equipment that you can start with building your home gym. 

Another snag hidden in assembling a home gym is the process of going out in the market, exploring the options, and then bringing the machines home. But now you can easily find home gym equipment online, browse through various options and order home gym equipment online in India and get it delivered to your doorstep. Now, does it sound easy or not?!

Here is the list of five easy-to-use best home gym equipment that you can start your fitness journey with. 


1. Stationary Bike

A stationary bike or stationary bicycle is the most common machine you will find in any gym, be it public or at home. The bike can be easily used by all ages of people and needs no full-time trainer supervision. With the advances of technology, exercise bikes now come with hi-tech features that give you varied options of workout, music control, and intensity, and not just this you can also experience virtual ride scenes on the screen available attached to the bike, like in Flexnest’s Flexbike. This weight loss and the calorie-burning cardio machine gives a full advantage of riding a bicycle out on the roads, in the comfort of your personal space barring the traffic and pollution.  

2. Elliptical Machine

If your focus is doing cardio, then another excellent and one of the best home gym equipment options is the elliptical machine. It is a low-impact workout machine that doesn’t harm your joints and bones, while effectively burning calories and fat. There is a minimal perception of fatigue and no stress on the joints. Now the good part of getting an elliptical machine is that you can engage your arms along with your legs via its moving handles. The more muscles you move in a workout, the more fat you burn to lead to better and faster results. Elliptical machines offer different levels of resistance so you can change your intensity depending on your capacity. It also comes with a digital monitor to track your workout.

3. Treadmill

The foremost choice of home gym equipment when you want to start setting up a home gym is a treadmill that allows mimicking walking, jogging, or running outdoors. The action of walking (at varying speeds) is considered the safest and one of the most effective ways to gain fitness and lose weight. The treadmill can be considered a remarkably resourceful machine that works great for both a low-impact workout and a high-intensity workout. Suitable for all kinds of people, it is perfect for burning calories, weight loss, stamina building, and regaining strength after recovery. The ease of working out is also supported by low maintenance and easy installation.

4. Dumbbell

Cardio exercises are not all that you can do at a home gym. To raise your workout to the next level you can incorporate strength training by bringing in dumbbells. Dumbbells are a replacement for bodyweight training which helps workout your entire body by increasing muscle engagement. Working out with dumbbells effectively burns fat because this builds muscle while burning more and more calories. Improved versions of dumbbells like Flexnest’s The Flexibell are many in one dumbbell. A simple turn of the dial changes weight and provides numerous levels of workout. This saves up space and gives additional results. One can purchase this home gym equipment online and needs no installation.

5. Rowing Machine

Lesser known but one of the effective ways of working out at home is with a rowing machine. If you are looking for low-impact and easy exercise or if you have elderly family members working out then a rowing machine is a perfect pick. These machines engage more muscles and burn more calories in lesser time. It helps build and tone muscles and increase stamina. With various settings, the intensity can be changed and made suitable for a different level of workouts. Rowing machines are gaining popularity and becoming easily available home gym equipment available online in India. 

So what are you still thinking about? Understand your body needs, set your goals, and decide which one or combination of more out of the above exercise machines you think best suits you. A home gym doesn’t mean you need to fill up the space with exercise machines and equipment. You may start with just one and after a routine setup add up more as per your needs. After all, Rome was not built in a day! 

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