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Row Your Way To A Toned Body

Row Your Way To A Toned Body

If you are thinking that the rowing exercise machine is for the professionals and can only be used at the gyms, then think twice. The rowing machine is becoming one of the hottest machines for home gyms. The whole setup may look intimidating but once you catch up with the technique, this machine can prove itself to be an asset to your home gym. It is an excellent choice of cardio workout that moves your whole body and shows results sooner if you perform correctly. 


How to workout on a Rowers Machine

Rowers machine exercise is all about understanding the different positions one has to achieve to complete a one-row cycle. When done in the right manner it not only gives good results but also avoids situations in which you may hurt the back or other injuries. One round of rowing consists of four parts.

The first step is to establish the right position to start with on a home rowing machine. The starting position is called a catch. You should sit upright, hands straight, knees and ankles flexed in a manner that the shins are almost verticle. Now slightly bend in front where you engage your lats and core; here the shoulders stay a little ahead of the hips. 

The second step is to drive, which also has three small parts. It is important to follow each and one after the other to get the right form of workout. For this push your legs straight while you hold your core tight. Now slightly pull your body back, do not go over the top, as it may cause back injury or pain. Next, pull the handles with hands towards the body. The level of the hands should be right where the ribs end or a few inches above the navel. 

The third step on the rowing exercise machine is not actually a full step, but a resting position. This is only holding the last position of the drive step. Take a few moments to feel the position and move on. 

The last one is the end step and in the reverse sequence of the first step. It involves pulling back the shoulders, extending the arms, bringing the hips forward, and bending the legs. This is how your end the round on a rowing exercise machine 

How long you should workout on a Rowers Machine

Just like any other workout home rowing machine, in the initial phase, one should start with a smaller period. Once the body responds well, start increasing the time limit. To get the best results to aim for at least half an hour per day. But during the workout, take breaks to avoid fatigue and muscle cramps. 

One set of rowing machines works on several body parts like arms, core, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and back muscles. Just doing it for ten minutes can work up the whole body. 

Benefits of Rowers Machine

A home rowing machine is a wonderful machine that should be a part of everyone’s workout. It comes with many benefits that can help work up the whole body in one shot. 

  1. Full body workout- A rowing exercise machine uses most muscles of the human body and not just the legs and hands. Quadriceps, calves, and glutes are the major muscle group, and pecs, arms, abdominal muscles, and obliques are the upper body muscles that are involved. 
  1. High intensity yet low impact- The rowing action involves full energy and works up on the whole body but it throws very low impact. Unlike other machines like treadmill and stepper machines which tend to give joint pain, rower machines are easy on the joints. 
  1. Improves posture- Rowing focus on posture, like sitting straight and bending correctly. Doing regular rounds of rowing helps strengthen the core and back which in turn results in better posture. 
  1. Legs get a major benefit- While rowing the upper body seems to be more involved, but the hidden fact is that major leg muscles, the quadriceps, calves, and glutes, get engaged and benefit from the movements. 
  1. Good for heart & lungs- Rowing is a cardio exercise that improves cardiovascular health. The intense workout works up the heart and helps work harder to supply blood throughout the body. This especially proves beneficial for people with heart ailments. 
  1. Builds endurance- Other than building cardio health. Rowing also caters to building strength and endurance. With regular and correct practice one can build stamina to endure and sustain hardcore physical activities. 

Just like other cardio machines treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines, home rowing machines help achieve fitness targets within the comfort of your home and without any continuous expert intervention. if planning a home gym, try getting a rowing machine and row your way to a toned and fit body! 

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