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Ways To Work out On An Exercise Bike

Ways To Work out On An Exercise Bike

Exercising on a stationary bike may sound high-intensity and strenuous but it can be a fun way to fight excess weight and body fat. Exercise bikes for home can show impressive results from a basic level of fitness to significant weight loss. This can also be called a beginner-friendly workout form of cardio and aerobic exercises. Depending on the goal and stamina of an individual there are settings and forms of exercises that can be performed on a stationary bike.

Bikes can frequently be overlooked and considered the simplest and not-so-worthy gym equipment. But if you are looking for a real cardio workout with machines then skipping exercise bikes in home gyms can be a serious loss. To make a bike workout worth the while one needs to understand their needs, and goals and open up to an innovative exercise regime. Considering that gym cycles for home gyms work on the mechanism of a regular cycle, it can give you several forms of workout regime with varied intensities and intervals. 

Here are a few forms of exercises that you can perform on an exercise bike at home and gain full advantage of that investment. 


1. Warm Up

As a beginner, start with basic warming up. Suit yourself with the saddle (the seat) and speed setting. Resistance also plays an important part in straining the muscles to perform and yield results. Start with a slow speed and the least resistance to adapt yourself to the machine. Slowly with practice, you can increase the speed, resistance, and intensity of the exercises. 

2. Gear Up

Once you are comfortable with the machine the next step is to raise the bar and increase the speed. Make sure you maintain a balance to avoid a fall while working out at a high speed. Slow and fast cycling both have their individual benefits. A workout regime should be a combination of the two to avoid muscle fatigue or injury from repetitive and fast motion.

3. Increased Resistance

Some of the best exercise bikes available in the market come with the option of changing the resistance against the motion of cycling. This feature allows the muscles to work harder and burn more calories leading to quicker fat loss. But resistance should be set according to the ease. Pushing too hard can lead to excess fatigue and muscle pain.

4. Uphill Cycling

Some of the best exercise bike brands offer an option of experiencing cycling uphill. Uphill is a virtual scenario where the resistance of paddling mimics that of riding a bike up a hill. This setting on a gym cycle for home lets the rider workout putting in more effort and more tensity on muscles. The more the muscles work the better response you will get in terms of fat and calorie loss. 

5. Combination of Workouts

Stationary bikes are one of the best ways to start your home gym. But a combination and support from other forms of workout, like strength training, body weight training, running, and such, speed up the desired fitness goal and also keeps the monotony of performing the same exercise at bay. Combining different methods of cycling also lets you know to which exercise or regime your body responds the most. 

The Indian market is full of exercise bikes. Each one offers different benefits. Flexbike from Flexnest is an advanced stationary bike that comes with exciting new features that let you exercise comfortably, with support from fitness experts and entertaining virtual scenes to enjoy while you paddle. You can explore the wide variety available in the market and buy exercise cycle based on your needs and budget.

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