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The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

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full-body resistance band workout

In this era, when the world is rapidly heading towards development, it certainly calls for personality development of the individuals. They are becoming more aware of themselves, their peace of mind, and their body. It is true that people are leaning towards a positive fitness attitude but the question is - Are they educated enough about fitness?

Many people go for a personal trainer to get educated about basic fitness routines. Still, some people choose to do it themselves, and sometimes they lack the proper knowledge about so many things.

There are multiple numbers of equipment that are used to get the perfect shape of the body. If you are a regular gym-goer, then you must have come across the benefit of resistance bands.  This elastic fitness band is a multipurpose fitness tool that can train an individual anytime and anywhere.  For the people who don’t know about resistance bands, here is the detailed account about it.

So, keep reading this article to know more about the resistance bands, including their features, benefits, and much more!

What is a resistance band?

Resistance bands are elastic bands used to stretch our muscles by opposing the resistance that it creates. As you resist the opposition, it creates tension in the muscles, leading them to contract and thus helping them gain strength. These bands come in various ranges depending upon the width and their capacity to be stretched. Level 1 bands are preferred for beginners and come with the narrowest width of all and thus the easiest one to stretch. As you increase your level, its width and resistance also increase, making it harder to stretch, creating more muscle tension, and intensifying the movement.

Features of resistance bands

  • Acts as a substitute to machinesf

No doubt machines are beneficial for your workouts, but the devices have proved to be restricted to specific limits for some people. Resistance bands are exclusive and flexible and are not limited to a group of muscles but can be used to do a full-body resistance band workout. Thus, they can be an excellent substitute for machines.

  • Weightlessness and portability

They are so light in weight, and thus they are easy to carry anywhere. If you get to travel a lot and happen to be a fitness freak, you need not worry about missing your gym. You can get your gym shrink into your bag quickly! Also, if you are a person with a busy schedule and can’t go to the gym everyday, then, you can have your gym at home in the form of a resistance band..

  • Complexity in movements

Resistance bands are designed so that when used, they do not target any particular group of muscles; instead, they provide an overall contraction that affects all over the body and offer you combined movements making it a full-body workout.

  • Improves quality of the workout 

While working out with resistance bands, you can do a better focus and balance and thus help your mind find out the right angle, position, and the right set of muscles to be squeezed. This, as a whole, makes a huge impact on the quality of the workout.

 Fields of using a resistance band

Once you get the best resistance band for yourself and add it to your routine workout, you will get to know several benefits it provides that you would have never thought of. Here are some of those benefits that you might notice –

  • They create tension in muscles when used; thus, they help in gaining strength.
  • They increase your flexibility by opening up the joints and thus improve upon your mobility.
  • As they improve mobility and strength, they are well known for their recovering and healing properties and are used widely in physiotherapy also.
  • Resistance bands are used in compound exercises, and weight lift training, and aids in making it more intense.

Best resistance bands

As you have seen, resistance bands provide you with numerous benefits but while buying a full-body resistance band, keep in mind to choose them carefully. Resistance bands come color-coded according to the resistance level, so know your capacity and buy accordingly. You can buy fixtures to go with them, such as cuffs, handles, and attachments to make it more convenient. Also, never forget to keep it simple and comfortable so as to avoid hurting yourself while working out. 

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Keep loving yourself and keep exploring good things for the betterment of your bodies!

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