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The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

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Monsoon adds scenic beauty to the environment. Rainy season gives birth to new forms of life on Earth. The soil on the ground becomes nourished and wet with the drops of rain. All the plants and the trees cover up with a lot of greenery. The rainy season brings a lot of joy. Apparently, for the fitness freaks who love going out for exercise, it might not be their favorite season. Going out during monsoon season is quite risky.

Working out during the monsoon is not a very good option. The water gets logged and makes it difficult for the fitness freaks to follow their routine. The only option left for them during the monsoon is to workout at home. Interestingly, a list of best indoor exercises has been summarised in the below post. So, those who wish to know about the best indoor exercises must give a read to this post. Continue reading the post to know all the exciting information regarding the same.

Best indoor exercises

During monsoon, it indeed is not an ideal option to go out for a physical workout. The ideal way is to work out at one’s own place. If one has some home workout equipment then that adds icing on the baked cake. The home workout will help the individuals follow their routine without skipping.  A few of the best exercises that one can do at their home have been enlisted below.

  • Plank

Plank is a core strength isometric exercise. It includes maintaining a posture in a particular position that is similar to the push-ups for a prolonged period of time. Plank is of many types. Some do it with one elbow while many do it with the help of both elbows. The most challenging part is to maintain the position for maximum time. The more extended a plank is, the more difficulty it adds up. The maximum time of a plank as registered in the book of records is around 4 hours. Whether it is a monsoon or not one could always continue doing this exercise.

  • Squats

Squats come under a strengthening exercise wherein the individual lowers down their hip from the standing position. Then, they stand back up. This process is done as many times as the capacity of the individual. The squat is one of the best exercises for the hip and thighs. This gives proper strength to the lower body. Doing squats every day brings a great amount of change. Squats too can be done in many ways. People carry weight while doing squats to make it more challenging. But, it is advisable to start with the basics and not jump directly on to the advanced stage.

  • Walking upstairs

Walking up and down the stairs is the best home workout. In addition, if the individuals already have some fitness equipment at home then everything is set. One could always use those equipments to exercise at one’s own premises. However, walking up and down the stairs is considered to be a minimal exercise. But, if one does it correctly for a prolonged period then it will definitely bring some worthy results. The outstanding part of walking is that it removes the laziness of the individual and makes them a bit more healthy and active. This can also be used as a warm up exercise.

  • Dancing

Dancing is another best way of exercising. It releases all the negative energy. In addition, it relieves the mind and brings a lot of positivity. Furthermore, engaging with dancing will make the individual younger and more positive. Dancing is the best way to express one's emotions also.

  • Use of resistance bands

One could also use the resistance band to build up the muscles. Best resistance bands are available at the online store by Flexnest so one can always purchase them to work out at home, especially during the monsoon.

  • Meditation

Meditation is a peace-providing activity. It increases focus, concentration, and intelligence. It is one of the best exercises that everyone should practice, especially during a pandemic situation. People are getting too depressed for many reasons. Meditation can help them get better and improve their mental state which will further help them make better decisions in life. If someone does not have the yoga mats to begin their meditation and yoga sessions, then there is a large variety of yoga mats online being sold by Flexnest at an affordable price.

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When the monsoon arrives, it should not affect the exercising routine. Ensure always to have the home equipment so that it does not become difficult to do workouts at home. People get too depressed and stressed these days. Hence, it is more important for people to do workouts. It will help them make better decisions. Alongside, it will also help them improve their mental state which will further help them in leading a healthy life.

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