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Ever since the pandemic, we have had access to most things from the comfort of our homes. Groceries, food, appliance repairs, and so much more are easily accessible. So why not gyms? Many of us don’t have the time to head to the gym, especially if we are working from home. This problem is now solved thanks to brands like Flexnest, which offer affordable gym equipment.

Home Gyms and Strength Training - It Is Not Impossible!

Your first thought while reading this must be, “a home gym is okay for basic training, but I want to build muscle and indulge in strength training”. Who said a home gym couldn’t help you meet these needs? You can invest in adjustable dumbbells to begin with. But we get ahead of ourselves - let’s first understand what are adjustable dumbbells and how are they different from traditional dumbbells?

Adjustable Weight Dumbbells - The Latest Rage in The Fitness Circuit

You must already know the benefits of strength training. Not only is this exercise good for your bones and muscles, but also your heart. It also regulates your weight and just makes you feel great overall. When in the gym, you usually have access to dumbbells of different weights. So as you progress in your strength training, you can add more weight loads to your routine. In a home gym with a traditional dumbbell, this is much harder. No matter how much space you have, getting a range of weight loads for your home gym dumbbell is an expensive and space-consuming task.

Adjustable dumbbells come with a wide range of weight loads. These aren’t the only benefits of adjustable dumbbells. In the next section, we cover more such benefits.

6 Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbells

1. More Economical in The Long Run - At your very first purchase of a home gym dumbbell, you will be surprised that it’s more expensive than a regular weight dumbbell. So, you might want to invest in a regular dumbbell. Don’t make this mistake. Adjustable dumbbells may appear more expensive but will prove to be cost-effective in the long run. Instead of purchasing more dumbbells, with an adjustable weight dumbbell, you will purchase a range of weight loads.

2. Consumes Less Space - Quite clearly, traditional dumbbells are bulky. They take up a lot of space and require upgrades as you progress through your fitness journey. Adjustable dumbbells, on the other hand, take nearly half as less storage space. You can dedicate a shelf for the weight loads of your home gym dumbbells, and that’s it. These are especially beneficial to people living in small spaces.

3. Convenient & Flexible -Given how compact adjustable dumbbells are, you can easily move them from one room to another or even outdoors. These also offer you the flexibility to work out at your own pace and time.

4. Option for Weight Increments - With traditional dumbbells, you need to directly progress, from say 5 pounds to 10 pounds. The benefit of adjustable dumbbells is that you can add smaller increments of weight loads from, say 12.5 pounds to 25.5 pounds. This is a great asset and allows you to gradually grow in your strength training.

5. Allows for Faster Progression - A challenge is always welcome in your fitness journey. A limited range of traditional dumbbells only allows for so much variety. With adjustable dumbbells offering a range of weight loads, you can challenge yourself easily. This will take you close to your fitness goals without making a hole in your pocket.

6. Offers More Variety - With a range of weight loads at your disposal, you can do a wide variety of exercises. You can choose lighter weights to increase muscular endurance and heavier weights to strengthen your upper body. What this also lets you do is create sets of exercises that work best for your strength and endurance levels.

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Flexibell - Adjustable Dumbbells by Flexnest

You won't regret investing in an adjustable dumbbell especially if that dumbbell is Flexibell. These are new-age adjustable weight dumbbells offered by the credible fitness brand - Flexnest. The Flexibells come with a wide range of weight loads. These are equipped with easy-to-use selection dials. They look great, are compact, and are extremely cost-effective. So, what are you waiting for? Get fitter, look great and feel your best with Flexnest.

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