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Free shipping in India

The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

Trusted by 1,00,000+ customers


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Every man who is interested in fitness has a favorite methodology, piece of kit, or program. Some people prefer to circuit train every day, while others adhere to bodybuilding regimens, and still, others partake in a variety of fitness fads.

However, regardless of your method, some exercises have lasted the test of time. These exercises have become a part of every serious lifter's routine. Make sure you incorporate these into your workouts if you're serious about your gym habit.

 Top exercises for every  guy

1. Deadlift

The deadlift, arguably the king of all exercises, works for every major muscle group hard and is possibly the ultimate strength test. It releases a large amount of testosterone (a muscle-building hormone) into the circulation due to all the muscles engaged. As a result, the deadlift is an excellent foundation for any fitness program.

2. Bench Press

At a certain point in their lives, every gym-goer has been asked, "Whaddya bench?" With or without a shirt on, this technique is responsible for growing muscular, well-defined pecs, shoulders, and triceps, which leads to a more imposing presence. When you add in the muscle-building effects of the testosterone released by this action, all you have to do now is wait for your "little black book" to fill up.

3. Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

This may be the most crucial exercise for maintaining lower-back health and building a solid set of glutes. Any seasoned lifter will tell you that a good set of legs, especially one with a butt, is imposing. This motion also helps to make the hamstrings more flexible, which means less back pain after a long day of sitting.

4. Kettlebell Swing

This action is sometimes mistaken for a squat and front raise combo for the legs and shoulders, but it's an explosive hip-hinge that's terrific for glutes and conditioning. When done correctly, the hip-hinge action, paired with the cardio component (owing to the exercise's explosiveness), will help you achieve a robust, ripped physique that any guy would envy.

5. Suspended Pushups

Suspension-training systems have been lauded by trainers worldwide for years, and the fitness community is now catching on. The instability of the handles in a pushup causes more muscle fiber activation, which leads to more strength and muscle development in less time than other varieties of the basic pushup, as well as long-term shoulder health.

6. Pullup

Nothing says "I'm large" quite like a broad set of shoulders, and a wide back doesn't hurt either. The conventional pull-up is the ideal motion for growing those huge, fan-shaped muscles (latissimus dorsi or the lats) that make your shoulders look broad. It's a vast, multi-joint action that causes testosterone to be released, resulting in increased strength and general muscular development.

7. Medicine Ball Slam

Some men spend their entire lives trying to get the shredded midsections that we see in magazines. Others have discovered the secret to controlled eating and the best ab exercises available, none of which include a crunch or a variation. The medicine ball slam carves out gorges in the abdomen, giving your abs the appearance of a street plan of midtown Manhattan while also providing a solid dose of cardio. 

8. Swiss Ball Rollout

The Swiss ball rollout is an essential aspect of anyone's quest for a six-pack, despite its difficulty. Your abs are put under increasing tension as you roll out on the ball, and every fitness guru knows that high muscular tension is one of the secrets to generating shredded, lean muscle. To get a distinct six-pack, substitute this technique for a crunch. You can also find a swiss ball or any other home gym equipment online.

9. Skipping

There are two myths regarding skipping rope for weight loss that is entirely false. One, it's simple, and two, it's tedious. The primary role is, in fact, one of the most efficient and versatile pieces of gym equipment available.

Your calves, hips, hip flexors, and glutes are all worked out when you hop the skipping rope. Your shoulders and upper arms will benefit as you continue to twirl the rope. Engage your core, and the exercise will aid in the release of your abs. You can buy skipping rope online.

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When you begin something new, it might be overwhelming. The most important thing you can do is start small with a solid foundation. Keep it simple and perfect these critical exercises so you can go through your program with ease.

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