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Free shipping in India

The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

Trusted by 1,00,000+ customers


Physical Activity

The whole world is finally at a point where vaccination against COVID-19 is going on at a very high pace. There are so many countries in which the entire population has been vaccinated. The vaccines are medically proven to offer complete protection against the disease. But, they have also raised several concerns related to everyday life of people. The most widely raised concern is about getting back ro physical activity post vaccination. It has been observed that these vaccines have severe side effects like nausea, muscle pain, fatigue, chills and fever. However, the side effects  of the vaccine might vary from one person to another. So, if you are a fitness freak and want to start working out again, here are some measures to be followed:

1. Keep the exercises moderate

As of now, no such method has been found effective in boosting your immune system at a rapid pace, but moderate exercising can be of great help. It has been proven to be helpful in allowing your immune system to work properly. You might have a query about how can an exercising session be related to the vaccination response. The reason is that these vaccines are completely new and very less records are available about its effectiveness.

2. Gentle movements recommended

It is recommended by all the medical councils to make maximum usage of your arm as this will help in reducing soreness caused due to vaccination. Though there are no studies to state how frequently and for how long you should do the exercises but you should try to keep your arm moving more than you do in general. You can also use home weight training equipment to make these movements. But, you must remember to stop as soon as you feel any kind of discomfort or pain. Moving your arms and shoulders constantly will lead to a better blow circulation in your entire body.

Do not try dips, shoulder pressing, triceps targeting or any such exercise as it can worsen your pain. If you don’t want the pain to become more intense, try avoiding any kind of hard and laborious exercise.

3. Keep it easy

Try planning easier workouts in the 48 hours span after the vaccination is administered. Regardless of how fit and fine you feel, don’t try working out hard. You should follow the same for the pre-vaccination period too as it can be triggering different reactions such as soreness in muscle. There can be many other side effects too. You will only find these symptoms after 3 complete days of getting vaccinated. You might also find that some severe side effects have started to appear once the  working out session is started.

4. Compromise on workout expectations

In the week just after your vaccination is complete, you are advised to keep your expectations limited. You can reduce the volume as in number of sets, reps or other exercises. If you are feeling fine, there’s no such need to keep yourself away from longer workouts. But remaining flexible is equally important so you need to keep transforming your workout routine.

5. Take necessary precautions

Even if you are fully vaccinated with both the doses, it is still essential for you to take the required precautions when you are in a public gym. You must wear a proper mask and keep sanitizing your hands after touching any surface. To keep yourself safe from the risk of getting infected, you must follow the precautionary measures. 

Is outdoor exercising safe once you are fully vaccinated?

As mentioned above, even after being fully vaccinated, it is advised to exercise outdoors only with the required precautions. Wearing a mask and sanitizing frequently are the two most vital things to keep in mind when you are working out in public. If you can manage to exercise at home, you might not have to follow the precautions so strictly. You can try practicing yoga and many other full body exercises in your home itself. You can also use a foam roller for back to get rid of back pain. Also, if you have a gym machinery at home then, you can prevent going out in public gyms.

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Hence, it is recommended that you keep all the above mentioned pointers in your mind if you are planning to return back to the gym. Don’t forget to follow the primary measures to keep yourself completely safe.

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