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Free shipping in India

The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

Trusted by 1,00,000+ customers


Dumbbell Set

When you’ve already spent a long time inside your house due to a pandemic, the outdoors are approaching your old excited spirit, but your body has already adapted to being lazy. In such situations, when you want to make yourself ready to move out of the house, warm your muscles up, the best option is the old workout technique, superset strength workout. It may not be easy to start working out, but you have to push yourself to get up and start.  To make it more convenient you can even do this workout at home using regular workout equipment such as a home workout dumbbell set.

What is a superset strength workout?

Superset workout is an advanced form of strength workout in which one switches from one exercise to another exercise simultaneously without taking any break. They might take a quick break to catch their breath and drink water, but not more than that. The two activities can either be of the same muscle group or the opposite muscle group of a particular number of sets each.

Advantages of superset strength workout with or without adjustable Dumbbells

  • They are so easy to do as it is not any different form of exercise because basically, it is just a set of regular activities in a different manner. (Note that you should take significant precautions every time you work out in general)
  • If you are fed up with doing the same exercises daily and want some change, try doing a superset workout because it provides variety within the standard practices.
  • A superset workout is the best option to intensify the regular exercise at home with the standard equipment. They can be done with any simple equipment like dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells. They save so much of your time because you get no time to rest, and also, they are done with a higher pace and intensity. So, they are the best option if you want to do an intense workout in a short period.

How to do a superset workout at home?

As we have already seen that superset workout is nothing other than the regular workouts, the only difference being that they are done in a slightly different and more intense manner, and that is why they can be done quickly at home (only if you are an advanced working out person; doing supersets at home is not recommended to beginners).

You can make combinations of any set of exercises, either of a similar muscle group like a combination of dumbbell bench presses and pushups or different muscle groups like bicep curls with some lunges. Please note that the bunch of exercises suggested here uses no such equipment which cannot be made available at home, and thus you can use your regular dumbbells at home. You can even buy an adjustable dumbbell set as you plan to increase the weight gradually.

Best home equipment to do superset workout at home – 

In the beginning, you can do these supersets at home without any considerable difficulty, using equipment used for regular workouts. Still, as you plan to increase your workout pace, you may need such equipment, which may not be available at your home. The first and direct solution for this is to keep aside your laziness and run to a gym. But the second solution is that you can make a collection of your equipment if you are a workout freak. Buy such equipment that can be used at the beginners level of work out and the advanced level of work out. The best examples of such equipment are the adjustable bench presses and adjustable dumbbells. You can even quickly get the best bench presses, feet curlers, and the best dumbbell set online at very reasonable prices.

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Always remember the precautions –

  • The first and the most important thing to keep in mind is that this superset workout is for advanced working out people, such as athletes, so if you are a beginner, doing supersets at home is not a good option.
  • Keep in mind that heavy lifts and speed are not your priority; you have to go at your own pace so you are comfortable not harming your body while working out.
  • Try to balance the intensities of both the exercises of the set; that is, if you are doing a heavy workout in the first round, for the other round, choose an activity that doesn’t need much time to recover.

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