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Without a doubt, working out is great for your physical and mental well-being. Still, when it causes pain, soreness, or inflammation in your muscles, the only thing you start to crave for is a powerful massage session, but you cannot go to a masseuse daily. But you don’t have to worry about your muscle soreness and pain as long as you have a foam roller as a stand-in.

Using a foam roller for back pain is a brilliant way to alleviate muscle tightness and reduce  soreness, inflammation, etc., through the myofascial release method. These foam rollers are best for warm-up before the workout, and for other therapies such as acupuncture. Read further to know some more benefits and the best exercises you can do with the foam roller in your fitness kitty.

Benefits of using the foam roller

Benefits of using the foam roller

The foam rollers are known for benefitting the sore muscle and other muscle-related issues in different ways. Here is the list of some of those benefits –

  • Muscle pain- So many fitness enthusiasts believe that when they use a foam roller for back pain and other similar muscle pains, they feel immense relief because foam rollers provide a good massage to the muscles and allow them to relax.
  • Improved flexibility and mobility – Lower range of motion and poor flexibility can lead to muscle knots. The foam roller helps in breaking these muscle knots  by providing the adequate stretch.
  • Speedy recovery – Foam roller enhances blood circulation. It lets a good amount of nutrition and oxygen reach your muscles and lessen lactic acid production, which helps in fast recovery.
  • Make you relax – When you foam roll, it breaks your muscles' tightness, resulting in less tense and more relaxed and calmed muscles.

The best exercise to do with a foam roller

The best exercise to do with a foam roller

Gathering the various fitness equipment at home will never bring any benefit to your body, unless and until you are well aware about the proper usage of each of the fitness equipment you have purchased for your home gym. Below mentioned are some of the recommended exercises that can be done using a foam roller in order to take their complete advantage.

  • IT band roll – Place your bottom leg on the foam roller between your hip and knee while you lie on your side. Keep your top leg crossed at your front. Put maximum tolerable weight on your bottom leg and roll your body on the foam from your hip to knee. Do the same with the other leg.
  • Quadriceps roll – Get into a plank position keeping the foam roller under one leg. Keep the other leg above the ground, and roll from above the knees to below the hips with utmost tolerable weight. Repeat with another leg.
  • Glutes roll – Sit on your butt and bend your knees in your front. Cross your legs in such a way that your ankles are over your knees and shift your weight onto the crossed leg. Roll the roller over the glutes until you feel tension. Repeat with the opposite side.
  • Groin roll – Lie with your face down and place the roller below your inner thighs (place your leg on the top of the foam). Shift the maximum tolerable weight on the foam roller and roll it between your hip and knee while you relax your inner thigh muscles.
  • Lower back roll – Sit and keep the roller against your lower back. Lean back and place your hands in the back, lifting your butt with all the weight on your arms and spine. Now roll back and forth and repeat.


Foam rollers are the best alternative to the masseuse hands that you miss while you groan with muscle pains. They are worthy of being tried at least once if you are looking out for a piece of equipment that can loosen your tight muscles, reduce your muscle soreness and get you relieved from other similar pains. In order to keep fit, you should seek solutions right at the moment you encounter any trouble in the body to prevent the development of further complications.

You can get these foam rollers online at Flexnest or at any other fitness equipment store very easily. While you engage with these rollers, you do not have to deal with much hassle as they are simple and easy to use. But if you keep feeling the symptoms for more time, see a doctor or a physiotherapist and don’t stop loving your body no matter what!

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