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Free shipping in India

The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

Trusted by 1,00,000+ customers

Elliptical Trainer: A 360 Degrees Fitness Machine

Elliptical Trainer: A 360 Degrees Fitness Machine

We all know how difficult it can be to shed those extra inches, especially when busy in your daily life. While rushing between professional and personal responsibilities, it’s natural to lose focus on personal fitness. But there comes a moment when you finally decide to carve out some time for it. But out there, you are bound to get drowned in the ocean of weight loss workout options.

Finding a workout regime that will provide all-round fitness is rare as most exercises focus on spot fat reduction. You need a helper or a trainer who designs a routine customized for your need. But then it all rounds up to getting a fixed program that is difficult to accommodate in your schedule. In such a need, elliptical trainer machines are the best options to invest in. It can be installed at home, and you can work it out based on your time availability. It provides not just ease of time but 360-degree fitness benefits.

1. Boosts Stamina

Elliptical trainer provides one of the best ways to do cardio exercise. Cardio exercises are an excellent way to start any workout regime. It’s pivotal to bring your body into the rhythm of working harder. It is an aerobic workout that provides muscles with more blood and oxygen, leading to stamina building.

2. Builds Routine

Before moving to more dedicated workouts like gym, HIIT or hitting fitness classes, working out on an elliptical machine at home is an excellent way to set up a routine for your fitness goals. When you start after a long time, your body needs to gear up, and an elliptical trainer can give you a good kick start.

3. Burns Lot of Calories

Suppose your fitness goal is to burn calories, which is a proven way to cut down on that access weight. Then what’s better than doing cardio with an elliptical machine workout. It’s easy and perfect for beginners. A straight half-an-hour can burn an average of 300-400 calories.

4. Provides Full Body Workout

You may be using your legs while working on an elliptical trainer, but if you focus, you will feel the entire body muscles warming up. The legs and arms get coordinated based on speed and movement with equally divided resistance and workout to the upper and lower body, giving a full body workout.

5. No Stress on Joints

When you cycle, run or jog, there are chances that wrong movement, shoes or ground can cause reverse pressure and harm your knee, hip and ankle joints. Elliptical machines for homes are specially made and designed in a way that the feet never lift off the pedals offering low impact cardio workout. Therefore, causing no harm to the joints.

6. Good for Post-Injury Workout

If an injury restricts you from going for usual high-intensity workouts, then an elliptical trainer is the best option to stay connected to fitness. The reason is that an elliptical machine workout is a low-impact routine that puts lesser stress on your joints than high-impact workouts like jogging and running. It also helps you regain full range of motion after injury.

7. As Simple As Walking

Learning how to use an elliptical trainer is not rocket science. A training guide can easily teach you to use different inclinations and resistance to achieve a different level of workouts. The motion to paddle the trainer mimics walking; hence, the elliptical machine for home is perfect for starters and effort-less exercising.

8. Helps Improve Balance

Elliptical machine workout is not just for burning calories and cutting inches; it also develops balance in the body. This can be achieved by only using the paddles and going hands-free. While trying to maintain balance with just your legs, the workout effect moves to the core and helps strengthen it.

When thinking of starting a fitness regime and wanting to begin small and from home, an elliptical machine for home is the best option. These machines are easy-to-use, need no technical expert installation and can be used for multiple styles of working out; and don’t forget that all these benefits come with the comfort of home!

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