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The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

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Hip exercise bands

The craze of the resistance band in the modern techniques of working out is not so uncommon nowadays. Most people are aware of resistance bands, but have you ever heard about circular hip bands?

Although some of you might be using resistance bands for the upper body, what about the lower body? These circular bands, also known as hip resistance bands, are particularly designed to support your lower body workouts. To be accurate, circular hip bands are specifically made thicker in comparison to the regular resistance bands, supportive, and specific to glutes and hips to give more grip and better results. Read further to know in detail about the hip exercise bands, how they work, what benefits you get from them, and much more.

What are hip exercise bands?

Hip bands are thick bands made up of elastic fabric, and have a ragged inner grip which helps them avoid slipping out from traction. These bands focus on the lower body and help your hips, thighs, legs, ankles, and glutes take a good shape, tone them and enhance the performance. These bands are popularly known by other names, such as butt bands, booty bands, hip circles, etc. They also play a good role in the rehabilitation and strengthening of the lower body.

Working on a hip resistance band

When you work out with hip bands, it creates resistance against your lower body to increase complexity. The more resistance, the more the workout of your muscles, and hence this resistance makes your body work harder, burn more calories, and tone up your body in a better way. You can get bands with different tension levels as per your tolerance. Though these bands are specifically modified to work on the lower body, they also support small muscle groups and are suitable for push and pull movements for the upper body too. They also deal with mobility and injury prevention and can be seen playing a key role in physiotherapy. The favorable working of hip bands makes them a worthy investment for your home workout equipment set.

Advantages of using a hip band

The versatility of hip exercise bands allows you to use them diversely, and therefore you get numerous benefits when working out with these. Take a look at some of the major advantages of working out with the hip band.

  • Intuitiveness - They are so easy to use that it doesn’t matter if you are at an advanced level or just a beginner; anyone can work out with them easily without requiring any complex training.
  • Favorable to budget - They are certainly inexpensive; you don’t have to think too much before investing in them besides that their advantages are enough that makes them worth their price.
  • Variety of functionalities - You can work out in different ways with them. This little tool triggers so many muscle groups other than just the lower body providing you with enough functionalities and varieties that your body gets more strengthened and toned up.
  • Long-lasting effect – When you work out with hip bands, they make you work out in an intense way, target so many muscle groups, and tone you up in an intensive manner that the strength and physique you earned out of it, lasts long.
  • Easy to carry – If you are a regular traveler and fitness freak at the same time, hip bands are the best for you. They are not so big, and their material makes them so light in weight that you can easily carry them with you while you travel so as to not miss out on your healthy routine.

Wrapping up!

When you open out to the whole big world, you find that there are many things that you may not have heard of, but still, they hold considerable worthiness. Hip bands are one of them. They deserve to be included in your fitness training equipment set because of all the convenience they provide with the plus point that you can get them easily either at your nearby fitness equipment store or online websites such as Flexnest. However, such equipment is generally ignored but is important for your workout routines; you must give them a shot and try including them in your daily routine exercise tool set that comprises home gym floor mats, foam roller, handgrip, stepper, etc.

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So when it comes to yourself, for the sake of all the love you have for yourself, you should never step back from trying new things because this is how you will know your own body better.

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