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The Flexpad is India's #1 Selling Treadmill

The Flexmonitor

Rs. 3,499
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The most accurate heart rate monitor. The Flexmonitor straps to your chest, right over your heart. 

With The Flexmonitor, heart rate monitoring is more accurate and adaptable than ever. Using the Flexmonitor, you'll be able to see key insights about your workout performance right in the Flexnest app during your workouts. Fully compatible with The Flexbike & The Flexbike+

Update your App to version 1.37 or later to use it. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joseph S.

Very impressed with the accuracy, especially for the price it's bieng offered.

Ragavender P.

This device is very helpful to check my heart rate when i go for long run. I connected it with Nike run club app.

Aman Peshawari (Delhi, India)

The Flexmonitor

Rajendra K (Bengaluru, India)
Very good HRM

A really good heart rate monitor. Very simple to use and accurate. I found it a bit confusing to get started since there is no ON/OFF button. There are no indicators on the device to let you know if it is working or not. After chatting with the support team on WhatsApp, figured out that the device turns on by simply wearing. it on your chest. This point hopefully gets added in the documentation.
Secondly, it is better to try pairing with one of the workout Apps like Runkeeper or Adidas or Nike. Had issues with the Flexnest app pairing with the heart rate monitor.
That being said, I paired. it with my RunKeeper app and it works like a charm. Been over 2 weeks I have been using it on all my runs. Helps with my endurance runs to keep my heart rate in check.

Karn K.

Its a good product - comfortable and quite accurate. That being said, the product support of the company needs a lot of improvement. Was hard for me to get in touch with anybody before buying the product and while I managed to do it, it wasn't a smooth experience. The instruction manual is lousy - the pairing instructions start with point (A) and then vanish, with no continuation of point (B). When i spoke to customer service, they insisted that the manual says the device comes on automatically when worn, but its actually nowhere in the manual. Still, for the price, its good - but really, printing a decent manual is literally the easiest part in producing a device like this!

Kapil A.

Very accurate heart rate monitoring while working out