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The Kinet

Rs. 8,999

Get fit with the Kinet - innovation extraordinaire.

This compact suction cable puller, features 360 degree rotation and strong absorption. Bring the gym home with these resistance ropes that can tone your entire body with 3 simple clicks. The Kinet can be adjusted in three levels according to your own needs. Level 1: 2.5 kg, level 2: 6 kg, and level 3: 10 kg.

Sold as a pair of 2 pieces.



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The Future of Home Workouts

Say goodbye to those constantly snapping and flimsy resistance tubes - The Kinet is a suction enabled piece of resistance training equipment that aims to give you a stress free workout.

Level Up

The resistance levels of The Kinet can be adjusted from 2.5 kg - 10 kg with the simple push of a button; giving you the power of flexible routines right in the comfort of your home.

Versatility at Its Best

The Kinet can be attached to a wide range of different surfaces - floorings, walls and even glass; enabling you to workout from anywhere.

All in One

The Kinet gives you the power to work out muscles in all key areas of your body ranging from your arms, shoulders, chest, back, core and even your legs.