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Flexnest Yoga Blocks - Flexnest

Flexnest Yoga Blocks

Rs. 999

For new and experienced yogis alike, The Flexnest Yoga Blocks can be a perfect workout companion to improve balance needed or take your favorite pose to the next level. Our Blocks will safely allow you to reach deeper into your poses while maintaining proper form and alignment. They will accommodate your level of flexibility which can be important for beginners and inflexible people as well as help advanced practitioners achieve challenging poses.

The yoga blocks are sold in a set of 2. Each block measures 

4"x 6"x 9"


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Durable Supportive Foam

These 4"x6"x9" yoga blocks are are from 100% EVA Foam - making them recyclable and 100% non-toxic

Beveled Edges

The round cutting technology bevel the edges, making the yoga blocks soft to touch and easy to grip

The Perfect Balance

The yoga blocks are made with a perfect balance of firmness and a hint of softness making them both effective as well as comfortable