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The Hip Resistance Bands

Rs. 1,999


Improve strength with our Hip Resistance Bands. The set features three different woven, closed-loop bands with light (15-25 lbs), medium (25-40 lbs) and heavy (40-60 lbs) resistance varieties making them suitable for all types of training. 

No more worrying about the "Roll up” problem! Different from the latex & rubber resistance bands - our bands are seamed with high quality cotton polyester stretch fabric and have a double layer skin-friendly & durable anti slip grip.


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Non-Slip Design

Our bands will never roll or slide. The inner grip strips inside the bands keep them in place during every exercise - you could use then with leggings or even on bare skin!

High Quality Performance Fabric

Our bands are made out of fabric rather than latex and feature anti-slip rubber layers to keep them from bunching or sliding, unlike cheaper bands. 

Anti-Snap Bands

Our bands are made with thick and durable fabric to withstand your most intense workouts so you never have to worry about rips or tears.