Treadmill vs. Exercise Bike: Know Which One is Better for Cardio Goals?

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Treadmill vs. Exercise Bike: Know Which One is Better for Cardio Goals?

Every time you hit the gym or plan setting a home gym, the two topmost and most prevalent exercise machines that come to your mind are Treadmill and Exercise bike. Both the machines have pros and cons, but the question is which one is more suitable for you. With cardio goals in mind, both may look like a good option at first. But only after analyzing the benefits of exercise bike vs. treadmill can one decide which is a better option.

A treadmill is a simple exercise machine that runs on a rotating belt and imitates walking outdoors. There are many options on the device to set the elevation and resistance. At the same time, an exercise bike is designed for cycling indoors. Now we know that both the actions of walking and cycling are suitable methods of aerobic and cardio exercises. So before you opt, let’s compare the benefits of exercise bike vs. treadmill.


Choose what excites you

For choosing between the two, pick the option that excites you the most. This is essential because to maintain a sustainable workout routine; it is important to enjoy it. Activities that you enjoy more seem to stick to your regime longer than the ones forced upon you. So, if you like cycling, you know that an exercise bike for the home gym is a better option.

Choose your goal

Both the machines are used with legs, target the lower body, and help burn many calories. It has been seen that a treadmill generally burns more calories than an exercise bike in the same amount of time. This is good only if you are looking to burn higher calories. But if you are aiming to shape up those glutes, thighs, and calves, then an exercise bike can work wonders in toning those.

Weigh the risk of injury

Another fact that gives a sharp comparison between the two is the risk of injury. When buying equipment for the home gym, first decide who is going to use it. If it will be used by younger and old family members, then an exercise bike is a better pick. Treadmill workouts are prone to more accidents compared to stationary exercise bike. The latter is also better for people who are recovering after an injury or illness. It is a good form of exercise to make a gradual comeback to an active lifestyle.


Another factor is to judge the ease of workout on the machine. If one is suffering from arthritis, an exercise bike is recommended, as one can sit and perform non-weight-bearing movements of the legs and knees. Even the ones with heavyweight issues should opt for an exercise bike, as walking on a treadmill is more intense and exerts more weight on the joints.

Space in home gym

Exercise bikes tend to take lesser space and are comparatively lighter than a treadmill. So if you have a small home gym or small designated area for a workout, consider your options accordingly.

Level of experience

This is a factor common to both. Both the machines- the treadmill and exercise bike are user-friendly and can be used easily. These are the perfect machines to start with and are not just suitable for the intermediate level but also the advanced exercises. The setting provided in each can be changed according to the difficulty level, like elevation and resistance.

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Treadmill or exercise bike for a home gym, there are numerous factors that you should consider before investing in either of the exercise machines. If your budget allows or there are several members of your family that will be using the gym, both machines can be incorporated, as both have their own set of pros and cons. On the contrary, you may consider the above factors before you choose.